Jodie, Matthew, and Benjamin

Why Have Such A Webpage?

I realize that web pages such as these are the 200x equivalent of 1970s era slideshow. You surely remember--you would be invited over to someone's house with your family, and after dinner, the host would pull out the trusty Da-Light screen and Kodak projector. The lights would go off and soon your parents would be engaged in a deep discussion of the best places to take vacations (a long road trip to Montreal vs. D.C., in my case), intermingled with fierce debates about photography. All this is really my long way of saying that new technology is a wonderful thing. Now, you can wander off if you get bored, with no social penalty. But, then, who could get bored looking at pictures of Jodie, Matthew, and Benji? If by chance you do, though, please don't let me know...

Another question: why did it take so long for me to update the webpage to reflect Benji's existence? After Jodie was born, I had a webpage up when she was 2 months old. After Matthew was born, it took me 6 months to make his webpage. After Benji was born... Well, let's just say Benji is now almost 2 years old and leave it at that. I have no good excuse. I imagine this is a common phenomenon--the first kid gets all the picture space in the family album; the second kid gets fewer; the third is lucky someone took any pictures at all of him. Does this mean that Benji is loved any less? Of course not! It just means there's no time for webpage making with lots of young kids around the house.