Judy Colwell's Home Page

Judy Colwell's Home Page


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Bicycle Touring Information, Ride and Trip Reports:

The first two bike trips:

Scotland, 1991
-- "Wheels and Rainbows Through Scotland.
Ireland, 1992
-- "Two Wheels Through the Irish Mist."

And then a couple of Adventure Cycling trips:
Montana, 1993
-- "Parks To Peaks: Reflections on a Journey."
Alaska, 1995
-- "Northern Lights."

Two of the qualifying rides for Paris-Brest-Paris, 1999, interspersed with other long rides:

The Divide Ride Dogs do Adventure Cycling's "Great Divide Mountain Bike Route." From the Canada border to the Mexico border along the Continental Divide.

Montana, 1997 - Off-road ride of the Continental Divide: Stage I. Introduction (how we started this), itinerary, riders, t-shirt logo, etc.
-- "Doggin' the Divide Ride Trail - Stage I, 1997." Trip Report

Montana/Wyoming, 1998 - Off-road ride of the Continental Divide: Stage II. Itinerary, riders, t-shirt.
-- "Doggin' the Divide Ride Trail - Stage II, 1998." Trip Report

Wyoming/Colorado, 1999 - Off-road ride of the Continental Divide: Stage III. Itinerary, riders, t-shirt.
-- (Trip report is "in progress.")

--Daisy. A true Divide Ride dog.
--Assorted Photos.
--Three Old Men.

Colorado/New Mexico, 2000
-- Off-road ride of the Continental Divide - Stage IV, Itinerary.
-- Assorted Photos

New Mexico, 2001 Itinerary
-- We did it! Crossed the Mexico border at Antelope Wells and completed the Canada to Mexico route.

Summer 2002 Cycling:

Bike Around Idaho (Lewiston/Couer d'Alene/Lewiston)
-- Trip report is in the (long) queue. One week, sagged trip.

Jackson Hole/Grand Yellowstone Loop (counterclockwise)/Jackson Hole
-- Self-contained two-week trip. (Report is even further back in the queue...maybe some pix will appear since they are already digital.)

The Divide Ride Discovery Dogs begin Adventure Cycling's "Lewis & Clark Bicycle Trail. " Riding west from St. Louis in three-week chunks.

Summer 2003 Itinerary St. Louis. Missouri, to Sioux City, Iowa.
2003 T-shirt
Very Short Trip Summary

Summer 2004 Itinerary Sioux City, IO, to Bismarck, ND.
Photo Album of the trip.

Summer 2005 Itinerary. Bismarck, ND, to Great Falls, MT.

Summer 2006 Itinerary. Great Falls, MT, to Clarkston, WA .(As pedaled)

Summer 2007 Itinerary. Lewiston, ID, to The Pacific Ocean. (As pedaled)

The Divide Ride Discovery Dogs Explore Vermont - 2009


Almaden Cycle Touring Club (ACTC) Home Page
Team Colwell Low Key Hill-Climb Jersey, 1997, Low Key Hill Climb, 1996
London 1998/Notes, Comments, Observations


Academic Advising/Information for my advisees

As a volunteer academic advisor for "undeclared" frosh and sophomores (and occasionally a junior or two, and even a senior), each fall I am assigned up to eight frosh who are interested in the natural sciences, usually pre-med. I am their AA (academic advisor) until they declare a major field of interest, at which point they receive an advisor in that particular department. Currently I am advising eight frosh and eight sophomores.


Getting in touch with me

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