My New (4/2003) Touring Bike
custom built
Steve Rex

Bits of information about why I chose Steve Rex for the frame builder. The specs, such as I can remember what I told Steve that I wanted, the "BEFORE" getting the bike gussied up for touring, and "AFTER"....

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The color isn't quite right as the bike really is a deep sapphire metallic blue. Today it begins it's slow conversion from naked sorta lightweight bike to Real Touring Bike: fenders, racks, mirror, cyclometer, h'bar foam and eventually Rufus. I'll post more pictures after I get them back from the one-hour photo place.


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Rear Triangle


Fork Area

Tied & soldered spokes on the drive-train side.


With its soft travel case, one can even wear the bike as a backpack. It's not really very comfortable, and not something I would want to do, but it can be done.

Last updated July 31, 2004.

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