Togo the Great

Alaskan Lead Dog

A Picture of My TogoHi I'm Togo the stuffed dog of the tour leader. I was given to my master by a member of the tour, and I got to ride on the front of his bike like the great lead dog Togo that I was named after.

You see a long time ago the city of Nome here in Alaska was in danger of a diphtheria epidemic and needed medical supplies to save the town from this disease. This happened in the middle of winter and the only way to get the supplies there was by dog sled. The real Togo was the lead dog of the famous champion sled dog racer Leonhard Seppala. The two of them lived in Nome at this time and were selected to go get the medicine. Leonhard took Togo and the rest of the dog team to go and get the serum as it was being relayed towards them by dog sleds. They undertook the hardest and most dangerous part of the route and in doing so became famous the world over. Today Togo is dead but his stuffed body is on display at the Iditarod Trail Dog Race Headquarters in Wasilla.

Well, back to my life out in front of the pack with the wind in my face. I had a really nice trip. Most of the time I just cruised along at a nice gentle pace, but every now and then we would go really fast, like the time we were in a hurry to get to the restaurant. I had a really great time riding out front on the areo bars you should have seen the people stare at me as they drove by in their cars. I feel really honored by my master to be called Togo I hope I live up to the name. Woof Woof that's dog talk for THE END.

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