Jonathan D. Ellithorpe

Ph.D. Candidate

Computer Systems Laboratory

Stanford University


Curriculum Vitae


About Myself

I am currently a first year Ph.D. candidate working with Professor Nick McKeown as a part of the Clean Slate Program. I arrived at Stanford shortly after finishing my masters in Computer Science at UC Berkeley (and in particular, in the RADLab). There I worked with Professor Randy Katz and graduate student Zhangxi Tan (a great mentor to me) on developing a platform for very large scale data center network emulation (O(10,000) servers) using an array of FPGAs (BEE3). You can find our DAC 2009 paper here (pdf) and my far-too-lengthy masters report here (pdf), which has lots of pretty pictures. Oh, and if you are wondering... yes, I am indeed called a traitor for jumping across the bay :)

My current research interests are quite broad as I continue to hone in on them, but in general pertain to all manner of data center performance. I am interested in developing systems and tools for better understanding, controlling, and improving data center performance, and working towards autonomizing their management and minimizing down time. I am also interested in better understanding power consumption in data centers and how we may be able to improve the utilization of all those power hungry servers!


Outside of research I enjoy speaking and learning Mandarin Chinese, playing correspondence chess, reading about the history of technology, practicing backflips in gymnastics, snowboarding in Tahoe, and cooking. Actually, make that "trying to cook"...


Oh yea, and if you are wondering about that space station up there... it's the Stanford Torus!

Fishing in Puerta Vallarta!