Jonathan Levin: Teaching and Lecture Notes

This page contains lectures notes from some of the classes that I have taught at Stanford. Some of the notes are from classes that I haven't taught for a number of years. If you are teaching one of these classes and would like some of my old problem sets and solutions, feel free to contact me.

The classes are Graduate Microeconomics (first quarter), Graduate Microeconomics (second quarter), Graduate Industrial Organization, Graduate Market Design, Graduate Game Theory, and Undergraduate Market Design.


Economics 202: Graduate Microeconomics (first quarter)

Lecture notes from first quarter of graduate microeconomics covering the theory of choice, consumer theory, producer theory and general equilibrum, plus some background mathematics.


Economics 203: Graduate Microeconomics (second quarter)

Lecture notes from second quarter of graduate microeconomics covering introductory game theory.


Economics 257: Graduate Industrial Organization

Slides from first quarter of the graduate IO sequence - somewhat dated.


Economics 285: Graduate Market Design

Slides from graduate class on market design covering auction theory and empirics.


Economics 286: Graduate Game Theory

Lecture notes from graduate class on game theory. I taught this class for my first seven years at Stanford, but I haven't taught it since 2007, so these are somewhat out of date. The original class was modeled on Glenn Ellison's graduate game theory class at MIT.


Economics 136: Undergraduate Market Design

Slides from my undergraduate class on market design, including a syllabus since I don't think this class is taught at many schools. Every year I tell myself I will turn these slides into lecture notes, but haven't yet.