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All the links included here are related to my life in some way. Superb Tutors is a company I founded between undergrad and grad school. Kolkey productions is a videography company founded by my friend, Eugene Kolkey. The lab websites are all labs I rotated in during my first year at Stanford. The Barbas lab is the lab where I did my undergraduate research.


Stanford Kayak Club

The Stanford Kayak Club has been one of my primary social and adventure activities during graduate school. I feel so fortunate for all the instruction I was provided from club members, and for all the access to kayaks and other gear that the club afforded me while I was learning to paddle. If you are a Stanford affiliate and interested in learning to paddle whitewater, I highly recommend checking it out.


Paved With Verbs - College Application Coaching

Paved With Verbs is my friend Eva's college and high school application service. Eva attended both Phillips Exeter Academy for high school and Stanford for college and for her masters is psychology. She has helped many students to get into the colleges of their choice and really knows what colleges are looking for. Check out her services at because as she tells me the path to getting accepted to your first choice college is paved with verbs.


The Happy Talent Blog

The Happy Talent is a blog written by my friend Eva. She writes about a wide range of topics including science, psychology, feminism, education, and a variety of other topics. The blog has become pretty popular in the past year, I definitely recommend checking it out.


Dreamstone Video

My friend Eugene Kolkey has been working in videography since high school. He runs his own videography company in Los Angeles, California that has grown to be quite successful. Today he works with several other videographers and editors and produces top quality videos for events and businesses.


Michele Calos Lab

My first rotation at Stanford was in the lab of Michele Calos. Michele works with PhiC31 integrase and is currently working to develop a virus free induced pluripotent stem cell system. I worked on a small part of this project during my rotation.

Stuart Kim Lab

My second rotation at Stanford was in the lab of Stuart Kim. Stuart works on aging research in both C elegans nematodes (worms) and in humans. During my rotation I worked on human aging genomics research.


Hunter Fraser Lab

My third rotation at Stanford was in the lab of Hunter Fraser. I was also a graduate student in the Fraser lab for a year and a half. After we completed my first paper I switched to Ron Davis's group. I am still actively collaborate on two projects with the Fraser group.


Carlos Barbas III Lab

As an undergraduate at UCSD I worked as a volunteer intern in the lab of Carlos Barbas. There I was involved in a project designing programmable site specific integrases. The project resulted in a paper in the Journal of Molecular Biology for which I was second author with my mentor Russell Gordley who was first author: Evolution of programmable zinc finger-recombinases with activity in human cells.


Last update May 2014