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Frequently Asked Questions for Synth

Synth for Stata

1. The code stops with an error message. What should I do?

Most problems can be solved by exactly repeating the following steps:
a) close your Stata and reopen it
b) type: "
update all" (and if asked "update swap" to fully install newly updated executables)
   net from ""
   net install synth, all replace force
In most cases the code should run now.

2. When installing the program using net install I get the following error message:

Could not load plugin: c:\ado\plus\s\synthopt.plugin
(error occurred while loading synth.ado)

This means that a plugin is not availbale for your platform (see
here details). In this case you can download the C code to compile the plugin on your platform here. 

3. How can I improve the fit for the pre-treatment ouctomes?

Use the "nested" and the "nested allopt" option. Also try to add more pre-treatment years of the ouctome variable. Finally, trim the donor pool to units that are sufficiently close to the treated unit.

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