About me

Jiaming is a PhD Candidate in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University working with Professor Ross Shachter, Professor Susan Athey, and Professor Daniel Rubin. Her research focuses on employing causal models and machine learning to develop interpretable models for medical decision making. Her work is currently funded by the Stanford Human Centered AI Initiative. She hopes to graduate by June 2021 and is looking for industry opportunities in AI Research.

In 2015, she graduated with a BSc in Mathematics with Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While at MIT, she worked with Professor Cynthia Rudin to develop interpretable machine learning models for predicting prisoner recidivism. The work won first prize in the 2015 USPROC Undergraduate Statistics Research Competition and has been featured in various news articles. Before starting at Stanford, she spend a year working as a Software Engineer at Oracle. In 2017, she worked with Professor Daniel Rubin and Prof. Ross Shachter to develop AI tool that can assist radiologists to interpret mammographs more accurately (news).

In summer 2019, she worked as an AI Resident at X, the Moonshot Factory (formerly Google[x]), working with scientists, engineers, and product managers to increase sustainable fishing and protect the ocean. In summer 2018, she was an AI Research intern on the NVIDIA AI Infrastructure team, working on practical ways to capture uncertainty in neural networks; the work was published at a NeurIPS workshop.

In her freetime, she enjoys reading, writing, being out in nature, and learning about other cultures.

Links: Research Statement, CV