AutoInt: Automatic Integration for Fast Neural Volume Rendering

A new framework with neural architecture to calculate closed form integrals of functions.

Event Based, Near Eye Gaze Tracking Beyond 10,000 Hz

An ultra-fast near-eye gaze tracker using event-based cameras.

Implicit Neural Representations with Periodic Activation Functions

A neural signal representation for images, audio, shapes, and wavefields.

Adaptive motor control and learning in a spiking neural network realised on a mixed-signal neuromorphic processor

A Neuromorphic Approach to Path Integration: A Head-Direction Spiking Neural Network with Vision-driven Reset

Live Demonstration: An Active System for Depth Reconstruction using Event-Based Sensors

Kernelized Synaptic Weight Matrices

An Active Approach to Solving the Stereo Matching Problem using Event-Based Sensors

Real-Time Depth From Focus on a Programmable Focal Plane Processor

Neural Dynamic Architecture for Action Parsing using SCAMP.

Live demonstration: Depth from focus on a focal plane processor using a focus tunable liquid lens

High-speed depth from focus on a programmable vision chip using a focus tunable lens

Color temporal contrast sensitivity in dynamic vision sensors

Vision Chips with In-pixel Processors for High-performance Low-power Embedded Vision Systems

Parallel High Dynamic Range Imaging and Tone Mapping, EP-16170546

Parallel hdr tone mapping and auto-focus on a cellular processor array vision chip

Efficient convolutional neural networks for pixelwise classification on heterogeneous hardware systems

A real-time high dynamic range vision system with tone mapping for automotive applications

A neuromorphic approach for tracking using dynamic neural fields on a programmable vision-chip

A Demonstration of Tracking using Dynamic Neural Fields on a Programmable Vision Chip

Toward joint approximate inference of visual quantities on cellular processor arrays

Pixel interlacing to trade off the resolution of a cellular processor array against more registers

A Framework of Relational Networks to Build Systems with Sensors able to Perform the Joint Approximate Inference of Quantities.

Candidate sampling for neuron reconstruction from anisotropic electron microscopy volumes

Segmented anisotropic ssTEM dataset of neural tissue

A Combination of Hand-Crafted and Hierarchical High-Level Learnt Feature Extraction for Music Genre Classification