John Taylor - Afghanistan's New Currency, Kabul, Afghanistan, September 22, 2002

John Taylor - Progress on Reconstruction in Afghanistan, Kabul, Afghanistan, September 24, 2002

John Taylor Remarks at Council on Foreign Relations – Making Reconstruction Work in Afghanistan – October 9, 2002

John Taylor Remarks at Afghanistan-America Summit – The Time to Accelerate Reconstruction in Afghanistan – November 10, 2003

US State Dept – President Bush Congratulates Hamid Karzai on Electoral Victory –November 4, 2004

Kabul-Kandahar Highway Dedication: Natsios - December 16, 2003

Paul O’Neill Remarks at Afghanistan Development and Reconstruction Meeting

The White House - President Bush Address to Nation: Operation Enduring Freedom

The White House - President Bush Meets with Interim Authority Chairman Karzai


Asian Development Bank: Preliminary Needs Assessment Report

Fact Sheet: Elections in Afghanistan


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