John Taylor - Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A U.S. Perspective, Institute for International Economics, Washington, D.C., April 2, 2002*

John Taylor - Using Clauses to Reform the Process for Sovereign Debt Workouts, Emerging Markets Traders Association, Annual Meeting, December 5, 2002*

John Taylor to Bankers Association for Finance and Trade – “Improving the Bretton Woods’ Financial Institutions” –– February 7, 2002

John Taylor’s Statement Regarding the Decisions by Countries to Issue Bonds with Collective Action Clauses (CACs)

John Taylor Remarks at the Institute for International Economics - “Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A US Perspective” – April 2, 2002

John Taylor Remarks to the IMF Conferencei n Honor of Guillermo Calvo – April 16, 2004

G7 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Statement - February 27, 2003

G-7 Finance Ministers Action Plan: April 20, 2002

Anne Krueger- “International Financial Architecture for 2002: A New Approach to Sovereign Debt Restructuring” – November 26, 2001

Anne Krueger – “New Approaches to Sovereign Debt Restructuring: An Update on Our Thinking” – April 1, 2002

“Uncommon Knowledge” Panel with Taylor, McFaul, Agarwall - “Adios IMF? International Monetary Fund” – Hoover Institution – December 15, 1998


US Treasury – Exchange Stabilization Fund Summary

Institute for International Economics “Sovereign Debt Restructuring: New Articles, New Contracts – or No Change?” – April 2002

IMF – Review of Exceptional Access Policy – March 23, 2004

IMF Chronology


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