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Photos from the Book and Beyond

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Inside a C-130 cargo compartment traveling to the front lines, reading the Financial Times

The Top Grade: The War against Terrorist Financing. San Francisco Chronicle, December 6, 2005

An anti-terrorist financing poster issued in Washington by Treasury and State after 9/11

Press conference in Turkey regading a financial package, with Marc Grossman of State and William Luti of Defense

David Nummy (in the blue shirt) as US dollars (in the black box) are transferred to the Iraqis to pay pensioners in May 2203.

Central Bank Of Iraq after looting

Meeting with Governor Shabibi and his monetary policy committee in the Board room of the Central Bank of Iraq in Baghdad

New Iraqi Dinars in Baghdad airport after offloading from 747, guarded by Saddam

Global Financial Warrior Sonja Renander with security detail

Reach Back Team with Jerry Bremer at U.S. Treasury.

Welcome at Heart Airport guarded by U.S. soldiers with M-16s and Afghan mujahideen with AK-47s

My view from the “negotiation room” in the back of Ismail Khan’s SUV.

Meeting at the Khan’s palace before heading out to the customs house.

View from the Heart customs house with Ashraf Ghani and Ambassador Flynn.

U.S Treasury Afghanistan desk officer Anna Corfeld in Kabul with security.

In Kabul with Paul Speltz, Ashraf Ghani, and payroll chief inspecting hand written pay records.

With school children in Côte d’Ivoire on a trip to Africa during the month (June 2001) I was sworn in.

High-fives with African school children in Niger, March 2003

What was measured got done: reading a new textbook with school children in Nairobi, Kenya, March 2003.

Asking for support from the finance ministers of Rwanda, Senegal, and Ghana for 100 percent debt cancellation.

In Buenos Aires, meeting with President de la Rua, as reported here on the front page Argentina’s La Nación

Discussing Argentina’s debt negotiation with Finance Minister Lavagna in Buenos Aires airport lounge

Economist (5/10/03) report on our new approach to dealing with emerging market debt crises.

Mr. Dollar, Zembei Mizoguchi, oversaw the purchase of an unprecedented $320 billion in U.S. Treasury securities.

G7 Meeting at Blair House on 27 September 2002.

At G7 meeting in Constitution Hall, Washington, April 15, 2005 with Alan Greenspan and John Snow

The negotiating table in my office in the United States Treasury

With good friends in the Treasury Cash Room


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