Conspiracy Theory
PWR 1, Fall 2008
Stanford University
Jonah Willihnganz

Logical Fallacies
(Handout developed by Kimberly Moekle)

All of these definitions come from “Stephen’s Guide to the Logical Fallacies,” located at, where you can find further information on all of the fallacies listed below.  Stephen Downes is a Senior Researcher for the National Research Council of Canada, where he currently works as an “information architect,” and has become a leading voice in the areas of learning objects and metadata, as well as the emerging field of weblogs in education and content syndication.

Fallacies of Distraction

Appeals to Motives in Place of Support |

Changing the Subject

Inductive Fallacies

Fallacies Involving Statistical Syllogisms

Causal Fallacies

Missing the Point

Fallacies of Ambiguity

Category Errors

Non Sequitur


Syllogistic Errors

Fallacies of Explanation

Fallacies of Definition