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Professor, Mechanical Engineering and
Institute for Computational Mathematical Engineering
Stanford University
Bldg. 500 - RM 500-I
Email: jops at stanford dot edu

About me...

My research is in computer simulations of fluid dynamic problems with applications to energy generation, propulsion, aerodynamics. I am interested in uncertainy analysis and computational mathematics.
I teach classes in fluid dynamics, numerical methods, linear algebra, uncertainty analysis...
I direct the Exascale Computing Engineering Center , the Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering (with Margot Gerritsen), the Thermal Fluid Science Affiliates Program and the Uncertainty Quantification Laboratory
I am an associate editor of the Journal of Computational Physics , the Applied Mechanics Review and Flow, Turbulence and Combustion

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My book on Polynomial chaos >>> go


Seongwon Kang - An improved immersed boundary method for computation of turbulent flows with heat transfer >>> View Thesis
Qiqi Wang - Uncertainty quantification for unsteady fluid flow using adjoint-based approaches >>> View Thesis
Paul Constantine - Spectral methods for parameterized matrix equations >>> View Thesis
David Richter - The effects of viscoelasticity on the transitioning cylinder wake >>> View Thesis
Tonkid Chantrasmi - Pade-legendre method for uncertainty quantification with fluid dynamics applications >>> View Thesis
David Philips - Modeling scalar dispersion in urban environments >>> View Thesis
John Axerio-Cilies - Predicting formula 1 tire aerodynamics: sensitivities, uncertainties and optimization >>> View Thesis
Per Pettersson - Uncertainty quantification and numerical methods for conservation laws >>> View Thesis
Gary Tang - Methods for high dimensional uncertainty quantification: regularization, sensitivity analysis, and derivative enhancement >>> View Thesis
Mike Emory - Estimating model-form uncertainty in Reynolds-averaged navier-stokes closures >>> View Thesis
Eleanor Lin - Validation and sensitivity analysis of simulations of particle deposition in human airways >>> View Thesis
Sungmin Ryu - Large-eddy simulation of a body-junction flow >>> View Thesis
Akshay Mittal - Uncertainty propogation in multiphysics systems >>> View Thesis
Nicolas Kseib - Data driven and uncertainty aware physical modeling >>> View Thesis
Alejandro Camps - Advances in structure-based modeling of turbulent flows >>> View Thesis
Saman Ghili - Polynomial and rational approximation techniques for non-intrusive uncertainty quantification >>> View Thesis