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James K. Scarborough, PhD. candidate - Stanford University

About Me

I am a PhD in Media Psychology trained in the Department of Communication at Stanford University. I began my career at Stanford in 2005, when I was accepted into the School of Education, Learning, Design, and Technology program (LDT). My specialty was educational technology design and learning through the use of avatars and virtual environments. After earning my Master of Arts degree (M.A. 2006), I was subsequenly accepted into the PhD program in Communication Research. I have collaborated with Dr. Byron Reeves, Dr. Jeremy Bailenson, Dr. Clifford Nass and other colleagues to conduct original research to further understand of the psychological effects of playing video games, particularly in a social context and with an eye toward behavior changing aspects of games. One of the primary purposes of our research is to evaluate the possibility of improving energy efficient behavior in Smart Metered homes through social gaming.

You can view the latest version of our game here: PowerHouse: The Energy Game

My main focus of study is leveraging multi-player computer games to deeply engage players for the purpose of increasing workplace, classroom, and similar forms of individual and team-based productivity. I am currently involved in projects assessing the effects of real social interaction in virtual spaces concerning primarily energy efficiency behaviors, gender and culture specific responses, and the physiological impact of social interactions in goal-oriented game environments.

Check out a webinar I gave at Yale on February 12, 2013 here: Blueprint for Efficiency: Gamification

Listen to a radio interview on KZSU 95.1FM here: How Video Games Can Produce Serious Energy Efficiency

In the professional arena, I have an extensive resume conveying real world experiences in the high-tech industries of broadband network equipment and game publishing.   As the Director of Global Services at Zhone Technologies, I managed a large team of networking experts to support a variety of cutting-edge products as well as high-end users such as Alcatel, the European telephone company.  Early in my career, as Director of Information Systems at Spectrum Holobyte (later known as MicroProse Software), I worked closely with all levels of the creative teams and executive staff to ensure prompt delivery of a range of top-selling PC and console games such as Tetris, Civilization, Falcon Flight Simulator, and many other top selling titles.  As a result, I hold a broad perspective of the creative process and the practical implementation and support of innovative software and hardware products.  Leveraging my academic degrees and technical background, I see tremendous potential in the future of serious games with a purpose and games for positive behavior change.

My Site

I invite you to peruse this website and learn more about me, my research, experiences and perspectives. On the Research (link) page, I provide an overview of my current projects. The Publications (link) page displays a list of my most recent papers and presentations. My CV (link) page provides an extensive review of my professional and academic experience.


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