NATURALLY DANGEROUS: Surprising Facts About Food, Health, and the Environment


NATURALLY DANGEROUS: Surprising Facts About Food, Health, and the Environment.

Constantly updated Internet supplement to the popular book by James P. Collman, Professor of Chemistry, Stanford University






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Are fats bad for you? Is the diet suggested by the USDA food pyramid healthy? What are the dangerous of herbal remedies? Is margarine healthier than butter? Is the blood cholesterol level a good predictor of heart disease? Will “hydrogen economy” solve the problem of global warming, or exacerbate it?

If you find yourself looking for answers to these and similar questions, this site and the corresponding book may be of interest to you. Read on and enjoy!

News and Views


Omega-3 Fatty Acids In Genetically Engineered Plants 8/18/08

Insects are Food in the Third World 7/22/08

An Unusual Organic Food: Raw Milk 8/16/07

Hypertensive Men Can Drink in Moderation 1/27/07

A Taste for Broccoli? Its in the Gene 1/27/07


A Leukemia Drug Is Used To Treat MS 1/6/09

HDL Seems to Improve Memory 7/22/08

Serious Unanticipated Side Effects for New Antibiotics 7/22/08

Caffeine and Diabetes - A Bad Combination? 5/12/08

The Role of Cholesterol in Cardiovascular Disease is Unproven 5/12/08

Statins Do Not Prolong Life 5/12/08


FDA Issues Long-Overdue Warning on Weight-Loss Products 1/6/09

More on Vitamin D Deficiency 1/6/09

Selenium, and Vitamins E and C Fail to Prevent Prostate Cancer 1/6/09

Red Wine Ingredient Increases Endurance 7/22/08

Female Co-Twins: The Effect of Testosterone? 7/22/08


What is to be Learned from Baby Poop? 8/16/07

Finally U.S. Will Test the Blood Supply for Chagas Disease 1/27/07

Microorganisms in Your Stomach Are Related to Obesity 12/22/06

Why Did the 1918 Pandemic Kill Mostly Youths? 7/15/06

Beware of Indoor Hot Tubs, Even Showers 6/25/06

Are Pathogenic Microorganisms Sometimes Useful? 6/25/06


More About Bright Lights and Cancer 1/27/07

Are Stem Cells At the Root of Cancer?1/27/07

Prostate Cancer on a Rotating Graveyard Shift 12/22/06

Breast Cancer Decline May Relate to Abandoned Hormone Therapy 12/22/06

Vitamin D Has An Important Role in Preventing Cancer 10/3/06

Moles are Benign Cancers 10/3/06


Fat Soluble Arsenic Compounds in Fish Oil 8/18/08

Arsenic in Chicken; Is This a Problem? 8/16/07

Hemoglobin Deficiency (Anemia) in Old Age 10/3/06

Selenium Does Not Lower Heart Disease 6/25/06

Beethoven Suffered from Lead Poisoning 1/25/06

Oxygen and Evolution 1/25/06


Spider Silk 1/6/09

The Runner's High is Real 7/22/08

Non-Toxic Fugu Fish 7/22/08

Ethanol: Political Gasoline 8/16/07

Smells Depend on Molecular Shape, but not on Isotopes 1/27/07

New Careers for Dogs -- Using Their Noses 6/25/06

More Comments on Ethanol in Gasoline 6/25/06


Status of Wind-Power, a Major Renewable Energy Source 1/6/09

Volcanic Eruptions Suppress Sea Levels 8/16/07

More Facts Concerning Ethanol as a Biofuel 1/27/07

Buy Fluorescent Light Bulbs at Wal-Mart 1/27/07

Evidence from Ancient Fossils Provokes Debate on Global Warming 12/22/06

Estimates of Changes in Global Sea Levels 10/3/06


Light Pollution 1/6/09

UV Sunlight Protects Young People Against Multiple Sclerosis 8/16/07

Volcanoes Endanger Airplanes 1/27/07

Slip! Slop! Slap! The Australians Have Reduced Melanoma 4/2/06

Runaway Heat in the Arctic 1/25/06


Polonium-210 and the death of Alexander Litvinenko 12/22/06

Reprocessing Wastes From Nuclear Power Plants 1/25/06

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