Reclaiming Google Scholar

by Johan Ugander
jugander {at}


To install, drag this link to your bookmark bar:


Scholarfy is a simple bookmarklet to transfer Google/Bing search queries to Google Scholar, which was recently demoted to a third-tier service by the latest Google Bar redesign.

This restores how Google Scholar used to work: when searching the web for a query, switching to a scholar query was a one-click operation. When Scholar was demoted to being behind the 'Even more' sub-submenu, this functionality broke.

Scholarfy simply lifts the current search query out of the active Google/Bing search page and passes it to Google Scholar. By clicking the installed bookmarklet, your query will be effortlessly switched to a Google Scholar query.

Scholarfy works in Chrome/Firefox, and is simple enough that I have a hard time imagining platforms where it wouldn't work. If you have suggestions on improvements, drop me a line at the email address above..!


C. Sean Burns contacted me to share his generalization of the bookmarklet to transfer queries to OpenLibrary, WorldCat, and other services. This is indeed a straightforward change, see the Misc section of his homepage for his adaptations.

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