Speech and Language Processing (3rd ed. draft)
Dan Jurafsky and James H. Martin

Draft chapters in progress, October 16, 2019

This fall's updates so far include new chapters 10, 22, 23, 27, significantly rewritten versions of Chapters 9, 19, and 26, and a pass on all the other chapters with modern updates and fixes for the many typos and suggestions from you our loyal readers!

Thanks so much to all of you for the help! We are really really grateful!!!

The slides have not been updated yet, but we're working on that.

Individual chapters are below; here is a single pdf of all the chapters in the book-so-far

As always, typos and comments very welcome (just email slp3edbugs@gmail.com and let us know the date on the draft)!
And feel free to use the draft slides in your classes.

When will the whole book be finished? Well, the end of this year is no longer looking likely, so probably sometime in 2020, after summer, since we mostly write in summer and fall.

(Due to reorganizing, still expect random chapter numbers and missing latex chapter and section crossrefs in the pdfs)

Chapter Slides Relation to 2nd ed.
1:Introduction [Ch. 1 in 2nd ed.]
2: Regular Expressions, Text Normalization, and Edit Distance Text [pptx] [pdf] Edit Distance [pptx] [pdf]
[Ch. 2 and parts of Ch. 3 in 2nd ed.]
3: Language Modeling with N-Grams LM [pptx] [pdf]
[Ch. 4 in 2nd ed.]
4: Naive Bayes Classification and Sentiment NB [pptx] [pdf]
Sentiment [pptx] [pdf]
[new in this edition]
5: Logistic Regression
6: Vector Semantics and Embeddings Vector1 [pptx] [pdf] Vector2 [pptx] [pdf]
7: Neural Nets and Neural Language Models [new in this edition]
8: Part-of-Speech Tagging [Ch. 5 in 2nd ed.]
9: Sequence Processing with Recurrent Networks [new in this edition]
10: Encoder-Decoder Models, Attention, and Contextual Embeddings [new in this edition]
11: Machine Translation
12: Constituency Grammars [Ch. 12 in 2nd ed.]
13: Constituency Parsing [Ch. 13 in 2nd ed.]
14: Statistical Constituency Parsing [Ch. 14 in 2nd ed.]
15: Dependency Parsing [new in this edition]
16: Logical Representations of Sentence Meaning
17: Computational Semantics and Semantic Parsing
18: Information Extraction [Ch. 22 in 2nd ed.]
19: Word Senses and WordNet
20: Semantic Role Labeling and Argument Structure SRL [pptx] [pdf] Select [pptx] [pdf] [expanded from parts of Ch. 19, 20 in 2nd ed]
21: Lexicons for Sentiment, Affect, and Connotation SentLex [pptx] [pdf] [new in this edition]
22: Coreference Resolution [expanded from parts of Ch 21 in 2nd ed]
23: Discourse Coherence [expanded from parts of Ch 21 in 2nd ed]
24: Summarization
25: Question Answering [expanded from parts of Ch 23 in 2nd ed]
26: Dialog Systems and Chatbots Dialog [pptx] [pdf] [expanded from Ch 24 in 2nd ed]
27: Phonetics
28: Speech Processing
Appendix Chapters (likely just on the web)
A: Hidden Markov Models
B: Spelling Correction and the Noisy Channel