Nice to e-meet you! I'm an interdisciplinary soul who seeks novel solutions at underexplored intersections of computer vision, machine learning, medicine, creativity, and people—especially when I get to tackle problems in new domains from a different technical perspective. Currently, I'm at Stanford University jointly pursuing a B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Science, advised by Brad Efron and an M.S. in Computer Science with a Distinction in Research, advised by Serena Yeung.

My research interests center around medical computer vision, though I'm also excited by computer vision at large (particularly image segmentation and geometric priors), generative models, and unsupervised learning and knowledge discovery et al., too. I also enjoy creating non-research projects that positively impact the world! I am currently at Stanford MARVL (fun fact: I made our website!). Previously, I've developed deep visual embeddings for image clustering with Yale Song at Microsoft Research and Bing search, made automated funny faces with Yannick Hold-Geoffroy and Cynthia Lu at Adobe Research, and segmented liver tumors in CT scans with Jared Peterson and Fijoy Vadakkumpadan at SAS Institute.

In the rest of (sadly) finite time, I illustrate puns, collect penguins, sing C-pop in the shower, and break awkward silences. I also invest time into advocating for, mentoring, and creating communities for women in tech. I'm always open to collaborative ponderation, so don't hesitate to drop me a line (or other geometric shape)! I don't byte :)


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