Ryan Othniel Kearns

About Me

I'm an undergraduate student at Stanford, expecting to graduate in 2022. I study Computer Science (concentrating in Artificial Intelligence) and Philosophy. Currently, I'm taking a year-long leave of absence from Stanford courses while I work for Monte Carlo and make progress on my undergraduate thesis in Philosophy.

At a glance, my research interests involve the relation between syntax and semantics, particularly in its import to the philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and natural language processing and understanding. I am also interested the epistemology of AI as a scientific endeavor, as well as the long-term feasability of AGI and its implications.

I contribute occasionally to research within the Stanford Open Virtual Assistant Laboratory, where we are developing a toolkit to quickly deploy and test dialogue agents in new transactional domains.


  • Campagna, G., Semnani, S.J., Kearns, R., Sato, L.J., & Lam, M. (2020). State-Machine-Based Dialogue Agents with Few-Shot Contextual Semantic Parsers. ArXiv, abs/2009.07968.


You can email me at kearns at stanford dot edu.