LINGUIST 197: Undergraduate Research Seminar
TimesM 9:00–9:50 am
W 3:35-4:25 pm
InstructorKathryn Flack Potts

Plan Assignments due Reading/Reference
M 1/4 Organizational meeting
W 1/6 Organizing projects Thoughts on topics, etc. Zotero: a nice, free reference manager
M 1/11 Finding references
Breakfast: Kathryn
Reference report
W 1/13 Choosing a methodology List of ideas/questions Backups: about Time Machine and Dropbox
M 1/18 No class: MLK Day
W 1/20 Identifying suitably narrow topics Reference & library report On choosing topics: McCarthy ch. 2 and section 3.6; Green and Morgan ch. 2
M 1/25 No class; meet with Kathryn individually sometime this week
(Schedule a time here)
W 1/27 Meghan Sumner: planning experiments Status report
M 2/1 Typing in IPA, etc.
Breakfast: JW
Typesetting phonology papers, IPA shortcuts in Word, and How to be a professional academic
W 2/3 Writing resumes Reference report Resume info, and some samples
M 2/8 Brian Thomas, Undergraduate Advising and Research
Breakfast: Aya
UAR Student Grants Program
W 2/10 Discuss projects Reference report
(2 papers)
M 2/15 No class: President's Day
W 2/17 Margot Gilleland, Career Development Center
M 2/22 What you need to know about the IRB
Breakfast: Kayla
Status report #2 Department and university IRB info
W 2/24 Rob Munro: How linguistics can make the world a better place
M 3/1 Planning the rest of your projects
Breakfast: Cybelle
Deadline for small and major grants, for those of you applying
W 3/3 Helle Rytkonen, Hume Writing Center On writing linguistics papers: Green and Morgan ch. 4 and McCarthy ch. 3

Sample Junior Research Paper
M 3/8 No class
W 3/10 Presentations
F 3/19 Project proposals due by 5:00 pm

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