LINGUIST 197: Undergraduate Research Seminar
Times MW 11:00 - 11:50
InstructorKathryn Flack Potts
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UG Research MentorEric Acton

Plan Assignments due Reading/Reference
M 1/3 Organizational meeting
W 1/5 How projects develop; finding references Info sheet
Thoughts on topics, etc.
M 1/10 Organizing projects Reference report #1

Reference managers: Zotero, EasyBib, Endnote; some comparisons

PDF annotators: Windows: Foxit; Mac: Skim, or Preview allows comments, but its system isn't as good. Also other suggestions

W 1/12 Working with faculty
M 1/17 No class: MLK Day
W 1/19 Meghan Sumner: Research planning and experiment design
Reference reports #2
M 1/24 No class; meet with Eric or Kathryn instead You should meet with each of us at least once during the quarter about your project; at least one of these meetings needs to happen by today.
W 1/26 Project updates; planning next steps Reference report and project status Undergrad conferences: GLEEFUL; McCCLU
M 1/31 Brian Thomas, UAR: Grants for Stanford undergrads
W 2/2 Previous Junior Research Projects (1) Status report
(2) Read a previous JRP
M 2/7 Human subjects research and the IRB Linguistics department human subjects protocol
W 2/9 Project updates Status report
Do something useful; tell me about it, and about what you need to do next, as concretely as possible.
M 2/14 David Clausen: Linguistic corpora Stanford corpora (see under "Tools" for info on using tgrep, etc.)
Google N-grams
British National Corpus
W 2/16 Scott Grimm: LaTeX Status report
As usual, what have you been doing? What's next? Be sure to talk about meeting/working with faculty: who have you met with, and/or what are your plans for setting this up? Who will be your advisor, or how will you figure that out?
M 2/21 No class: President's Day
W 2/23 Vera Gribanova: Doing research projects (1) Status report
(2) By today you need to have at least scheduled (preferably had) a meeting with a potential faculty adviser
Learn Uzbek, Uyghur, Ukranian, and more at SWSEEL in Bloomington, Indiana!
M 2/28 Planning project timelines If your computer is accidentally dropped off a ladder, please make sure you have enough backups that you can carry on!

Options include off-site storage (Dropbox, Google Docs, or Mozy) or local backups (flash drives, or hard drive + Time Machine); more Stanford advice.
W 3/2 Jackie Ward, CDC: Thinking about jobs, internships, etc.
Choose your own career in linguistics!
M 3/7 Presentations: Samara, Josh, Anna, Miriam
M 3/9 Presentations: Isaac, Zoe, Lydia, Ellie, Jasmine
F 3/18
Final project proposals due

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