Alon Kipnis

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I am a postdoctoral research scholar in the Statistics department at Stanford University. Previously, I graduated with a PhD in electrical engineering from Stanford and completed an M.Sc in mathematics, a B.Sc in electrical engineering and a B.Sc in Mathematics, all from Ben-Gurion University (BGU). Between 2011-2012 I developed data compression algorithms for flash memory devices at SanDisk. I have spent the summer of 2015 at Huawei working on rateless codes and coding over multiple radio access technologies. In 2016 I worked on a computer vision project that evolved into the startup Tarseir. My icurrent research combines information theory, data compression, and signal processing with data science and statistics.

My primary research goals are directed toward understanding the effects of compression and dimensionality reduction constraints on signal processing and data science techniques, as these constraints become the limiting factor in many emerging technologies. My PhD work explored what is possible and impossible in estimating signals or parameters under constraints on the communication rates between the data and the estimation/processing unit. My current research focuses on techniques for detecting changes and rapidly extracting information in large datasets.

You can read more about my past work and future plans on my Research Statement page.


Room 208 at Sequoia Hall. My email address is alonkipnis at gmail.