Christos Kozyrakis

Christos Kozyrakis

Professor, EE & CS

Stanford University

Christos Kozyrakis is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. His primary research areas are computer architecture and computer systems. His current work focuses on cloud computing, systems for machine learning, and machine learning for systems.

Christos holds a BS degree from the University of Crete and a PhD degree from the University of California at Berkeley. He is a fellow of the ACM and the IEEE. He has received the ACM SIGARCH Maurice Wilkes Award, the ISCA Influential Paper Award, the NSF Career Award, the Okawa Foundation Research Grant, and faculty awards by IBM, Microsoft, and Google.

Christos leads the MAST research group. He is also the faculty director of the Stanford Platform Lab.

Recent Papers

ASPLOS'22 RecShard: Statistical Feature-Based Memory Optimization for Industry-Scale Neural Recommendation
ASPLOS'22 ShEF: Shielded Enclaves for Cloud FPGAs
ASPLOS'22 SOL: Safe on-Node Learning in Cloud Platforms
ACM TOS RAIL: Predictable, Low Tail Latency for NVMe Flash
CIDR'22 A Progress Report on DBOS: A Database-oriented Operating System
CIDR'22 VIVA: An End-to-End System for Interactive Video Analytics
arXiv Practical Scheduling for Real-World Serverless Computing
SOSP'21 GhOSt: Fast & Flexible User-Space Delegation of Linux Scheduling

Research Group

Christos leads the MAST research group at Stanford University. Code for many projects is available on Github . Over the years, MAST research has been generously supported by NSF, DARPA, SRC, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Meta, VMware, Huawei, Xilinx, Intel, and Cisco.

Current MAST members

Kostis Kaffes
Yawen Wang
Geet Sethi
Timothy Chong
Francisco Romero
Qian Li
Mark Zhao
Jack Humphries
Athinagoras Skiadopoulos
Johann Hauswald (postdoc)

Alumni (students)

Ana Klimovic (ETH Zurich)
Grant Ayers (Google)
Samuel Grossman (Google)
Raghu Prabhakar (Sambanova Systems)
Mingyu Gao (Tsinghua University)
Adam Belay (MIT)
Camilo Moreno (Intel)
Christina Delimitrou (Cornell)
David Lo (Google)
Rehan Hammed (Kinara)
Daniel Sanchez (MIT)
Richard Yoo (Verily)
Woongki Baek (UNIST)
Hari Kannan (PureStorage)
Michael Dalton (Robinhood)
Austen McDonald (Meta)
Suzanne Rivoire (Sonoma State University)
Sewook Wee (Zillow)
JaeWoong Chung (Atto Research)
Chi Cao Minh (Oracle)
Ahmad Zmily (German Jordanian University)

Alumni (postdocs)

Neeraja Yadwadkar (UT Austin)
Heiner Litz (UC Santa Cruz)


CS107E Computer Systems from the Ground Up (Spring 2022)

EE180 Digital Systems Architecture (Winter 2022)

EE282 Computer Systems Architecture

CS349d Cloud Computing (Fall 2021)

CS316 Advanced Computer Architecture