A Review of "Big Enough"

by Matt Dentler
Austin Chronicle
March 12, 2004

Dir/Prod/Ed: Jan Krawitz, DP: Ferne Pearlstein, Thomas Ot, Music: Kris Folk.
BetaSP, 56 MIN.

Documentary filmmaker Jan Krawitz dedicated time with several dwarfs decades ago with nothing more than a camera and a few questions.. For present day, Krawitz returned to the scene of her sensitive interview~to see where their lives had led and if things have changed for these defiant ones facing daily opposition.

What's most absorbing about Krawitz's film is the way it is primarily a simple story about growing up and growing old. We watch as the subjects make goals and promises about their lives, and then deliver upon them years later. In Big Enough, though, these life decisions are based around the lifestyle of these little people. In one decades-old example, a married couple debate whether or not they will ever conceive children because of their genetic likelihood of having dwarf kids. It's quite involv­ing to see where they are today and what they have decided to do about their family unit.

Ultimately, the family encounters are what Krawitz turns the focus on. Can a dwarf woman who's skeptical about "average size men" ever possibly find love with one of them? How does a dwarf couple raise a family, especially when one of their children is "average size". Krawitz's documentary is a nice blend of verite and evocative interviews, offering a subtle and sweet tone. We get such a personal and pleasant experience with these subjects, one can only hope Krawitz will revisit them once again.