16mm color film, 58 minutes, 1984
(58-minute and 88-minute version available in VHS)


More than 500 dwarfs gather each year when Little People of America holds its national convention. A carefree mood characterizes the week filled with social activities and workshops, creating an environment where being small ceases to be a stigma. Their struggle towards equal opportunity and self-esteem provides the central theme of Little People. Dwarfs of varying social and professional backgrounds give accounts of their lives, describing circumstances which often bear a striking similarity to the experiences of other minority groups. The film depicts the gradual changes in outlook and attitude which are now taking place among little people. Contrasting scenes from their daily lives with the activities of the convention week, the film provides insight into the lives of dwarfs and offers an unusual and sometimes disturbing perspective on our average-sized world.


...intelligent and tough-minded, and because it is, it becomes moving as well...
John Corry, New York Times

...the film overflows with tender feelings of love and understanding, it's also chock-full of humor and wry observations...
Arthur Unger, Christian Science Monitor absolutely wonderful, no-bull tribute to the incredible courage, humor, intelligence, and humanity of dwarfs...
Dan Geringer, Philadelphia Daily News


The Christian Science Monitor (Arthur Unger)
New York Times (Vincent Canby)
New York Times (John Corry)
Philadelphia Daily News (Joe Baltake)


Emmy Award Nomination, Outstanding Individual Documentary.
Red Ribbon, American Film Festival.
CINE Golden Eagle, Washington, D.C.
Honorable Mention, Baltimore International Film Festival.
Festival Award, Superfest, Los Angeles.
National broadcast, PBS, Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel.
Broadcast on Dutch Television and Egyptian Television
New York Film Festival.
London International Film Festival.
Edinburgh International Film Festival.
Margaret Mead Film Festival.
Nyon International Film Festival, Switzerland.
Hawaii International Film Festival.
Sydney Film Festival, Australia.
Festival International du Nouveau Cinema, Montreal.
Edison-Black Maria Film and Video Festival
Excerpts on ABC Nightline


Produced, Directed, and Edited by Jan Krawitz and Thomas Ott.
Cinematography by Thomas Ott.
Sound Recording by Jan Krawitz.


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