Department of Communication 
McClatchy Hall, Bldg. 120                                                                                        
Stanford University                                                                             
Stanford, California  94305-2050                      
(650)   723-0704 (work)
(650)    321-3660 (home)
(650)  725-2472 (fax)


Master of Fine Arts (Film), Temple University, January 1979.
B.A. (Photography/Film), Cornell University, June 1975.

Work Experience

Sept. 1988 - present     
Professor, Department of Art and Art History, Stanford University.
Professor, Department of Communication (1988-2006)
Director, Graduate Program in Documentary Film and Video

Sept. 1980 - June 1988    
Associate Professor, Department of Radio-TV-Film,
The University of Texas at Austin.
July 1986 - June 1987                
Fellow, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Harvard University.  On leave from University of Texas.
June 1983 -   Aug. 1983                 
Sound recordist; "A Country Auction"; 60-minute, 16 mm documentary film directed by Ben Levin and Jay Ruby;  funded by The National Endowment for the Humanities.
Sept. 1979 -  May 1980                 
Visiting Filmmaker, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington.
Taught film/video production and theory.


Director/Editor.  Digital Video, 5 minutes.  Promotional video for Digital Media Academy

BIG ENOUGH.  Director/Sound/Editor.  16mm color film, 53 minutes.
Distributed by Fanlight Productions. 
International Television Distribution by CS Associates.
1996  IN HARM’S WAY.  Writer/Director/Editor.  16mm, color/b&w, 27 minutes.
Distributed by Women Make Movies.

1990  MIRROR MIRROR.  Director/Sound/Editor.  16mm, color, 17  minutes.                                        
Distributed by Women Make Movies.

  DRIVE-IN BLUES.  Director/Sound/Editor.  16mm, color, 28  minutes.                                           
Distributed by Direct Cinema Limited. 
1984 LITTLE PEOPLE.  Co-Producer/Director/Editor (with Thomas Ott). 
16mm, color, 58 minutes  (television version for PBS).  
Distributed by Filmakers Library.

1982  LITTLE PEOPLE.  Co-Producer/Director/Editor (with Thomas Ott).                                           
16mm, color, 88 minutes.  Original version

1979 P.M.  Co-Director/Editor.  16 mm, b&w, 7 minutes.

1979 COTTON CANDY AND ELEPHANT STUFF.  Co-Director/Editor/Sound.                                   
16mm, color, 29 minutes.  Distributed by Direct Cinema  Limited. 

1979  AFTERIMAGE.  Co-Director/Sound. 16mm, color, 17 minutes.
Distributed by Direct Cinema Limited.

1978  A CHICKEN IN EVERY POT.  Co-Director/Sound. 16mm, b&w,  29  min.

1976  STYX.  Director/Editor.  16 mm, b&w, 10 minutes. 
Distributed by The Museum of Modern Art.

Festivals, Awards, Broadcasts


National broadcast on P.O.V., (PBS), 2006, 2005.
International broadcast in Australia, Israel, Gaza, ABC Asia network, Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Latvia, Andorra.  2006, 2005.
Heart of the Festival Award, Vermont International Film Festival, 2004.
CINE Golden Eagle Award, Council on International Nontheatrical Events, 2005.
First Prize, Documentary, Carolina Film and Video Festival, 2005.
Best Documentary, University Film and Video Association National Conference, 2005.
Third Prize, Big Muddy Film Festival, 2005.
Director’s Citation/Honorable Mention, Black Maria Film and Video Festival, 2005.
First Prize, Documentary, East Lansing Film Festival, 2005.
Top 25 DVD Documentaries of 2005, Video Librarian, 2005.
ReelheART International Film Festival, Toronto, 2006.
South by Southwest, 2004.
SILVERDOCS: AFI/Discovery Documentary Film Festival, 2004.
Cinequest, 2004.
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, 2004.
Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, 2004.
United Nations Association Film Festival, 2004.
Santa Fe Film Festival, 2004.
DOCUPOLIS, Barcelona, Spain, 2005.
Southern Circuit Tour, 2005.
Picture this… film festival, 2005.
Riverrun International Film Festival, 2005.
Sedona International Film Festival, 2005.
Tiburon International Film Festival, 2005.
Fairfax Documentary Film Festival, 2005.
Wine Country Film Festival, 2005.


National Broadcast on PBS Independent Lens, 2000.
Broadcast on PBS series Through the Lens, Philadelphia, 1997.
Broadcast on PBS series Territory, all PBS stations in the state of Texas, 1997.
Broadcast on PBS series Independent Eye, Maryland, 1998.
Best of Festival, Utah Short Film and Video Festival, 1996
Silver Award, International Documentary Association Distinguished Achievement Award, 1996
Best of Festival, Louisville, Film and Video Festival, 1997
Best of Festival, Doublettake Documentary Film and Video Festival, 1998
Best Documentary, New Frontiers Film Festival, Ottawa, 1997
Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Film Festival, 1996
Jury Award, New York Expo of Short Film & Video, 1996
Award of Merit, Sinking Creek Film/Video Festival, 1996
Jurors’ Citation, Black Maria Film and Video Festival, 1997
Isabella Liddell Art Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1997
Award of Merit, Sinking Creek Film/Video Festival, 1996.             
Certificate of Merit, Chicago International Film Festival, 1996.
Jury Award, New York Expo of Short Film & Video, 1996.
Audience Award, Imagefest, 1996.
Invited Participant, INPUT, International Public Television Conference, Germany, 1998.
Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, 1998.
Margaret Mead Film Festival, 1996
Mill Valley Film Festival, 1996
Film Arts Festival, November 1996
Denver International Film Festival, 1996
First International London Women’s Film Festival, October 1996
International Short Film Festival, Vila do Conde, Portugal, 1997
Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia, 1997
St. Petersburg International Film Festival, Russia, 1997
Breckenridge Festival of Film, 1997
Mediawave Festival of Visual Arts, Gyor, Hungary, 1997
Three Rivers Film Festival, Pittsburgh, 1997
Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, 1996
Boston International Women’s Film and Video Festival, 1997
St. Louis Film Festival, 1996
Cinequest, 1997
Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, 1997
Music Box Theatre, 1-week commercial run in Beverly Hills, 1997.
Margaret Mead Film Festival, 1996.
Mill Valley Film Festival, October 1996.
The Museum of Modern Art, 1997.
Pacific Film Archive, 1996.

      National PBS broadcast on P.O.V., August l99l.
      Broadcast on PBS series Through the Lens, Philadelphia, l992.
      Broadcast on PBS series Territory; Houston, Austin, Corpus Christi, l99l.
      Broadcast on BBC, Russian TV, and Irish Television.
      Broadcast on Irish television, l993
      First Prize (Documentary), 24th New York Expo of Short Film & Video, 1990.
      Jury Award, Documentary Film, Big Muddy Film Festival, l99l.
      Best Documentary Film, Humboldt International Film & Video Festival, l99l.
      Director’s Choice, Edison-Black Maria Film & Video Festival, l99l.
      Judge’s Choice, Louisville Film and Video Festival, l992.
      Honorable Mention, Baltimore International Film Festival, l992.
      Best Women's Issues Film, Cincinnati Film Society Festival, 1992.
      San Francisco Women’s Film Festival, 2006.
      "What's Happening" series, Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1993.
      London International Film Festival, 1990.
      Flaherty Film Seminar, l993.
      Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York, 1990.
      Visual Artists' Film and Video Festival, 1994.
      Finalist, USA Film Festival, l99l.
      Finalist, American Film Festival, l99l.
      Denver International Film Festival, 1990.
      Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1992.
      Athens International Film and Video Festival, l99l.
      Third Wave International Women's Film & Video Festival, Austin, 1991.
      Cinequest Film Festival, San Jose, l99l.
      AFI/Los Angeles  FilmFest, 1991.
      Rocky Mountain Women's Film Festival, l992.

National broadcast on PBS, 1987, 1988.
Discovery Channel broadcast, 1991, l992, l993.
Featured on "Entertainment Tonight" (reviewed by Leonard Maltin), l993.
"Living Room Festival," KQED, San Francisco, 1993
Excerpted on ABC's "Good Morning America", 1993.
Popular Culture Association Rollins Documentary Award, 2005.
Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, New York, 1987.
Second Prize (Documentary), Athens International Film Festival, 1987.
Festival Prize, Humboldt Film Festival, California, 1988.
Film Forum, 2-week run, 1992.
Sydney Film Festival, Australia, 1987.
Denver International Film Festival, 1988.
Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1989.
United States Film Festival, Utah, 1987.
USA Film Festival, Dallas, 1987.
Third Wave Film Festival, Austin, 1988.
21st Annual Independent Filmmakers'  Exposition New York, 1987.
Women in the Director's Chair, Chicago, 1987.
Women Make Movies, American Film Institute, Washington, D.C., 1987.
Flaherty Film Seminar, New York, 1986.


      Emmy Award nomination, Outstanding Individual Documentary, 1985.
      National broadcast on PBS, 1984, 1985.
      Discovery Channel broadcast, 1990-l994.
      The Learning Channel broadcast, 1996-1998.
      Excerpted on ABC Nightline, 1996.
      Dutch television broadcast, 1985.
      Red Ribbon, American Film Festival, 1985.
      Honorable Mention, Baltimore International Film Festival, 1986.
      Festival Award, Superfest '85, Los Angeles, 1985.
      CINE Golden Eagle, 1984.
      The New York Film Festival, 1982.
      Edinburgh International Film Festival, 1983.
      London Film Festival, 1982.
      Margaret Mead Film Festival, 1983.
      Hawaii International Film Festival, 1983.
      Nyon International Film Festival, Switzerland, 1982.
      Barbara Jordan Communications Award, Texas Governor's Committee on Employment
      of  the Handicapped, 1983.


Second Prize, Bellevue Film Festival, Washington, 1981.
Finalist, American Film Festival, New York, 1981.
Judges’ Award, 19th Ann Arbor Film Festival (1981) and tour of award-winning films. 
Received prizes at: 
San Francisco Art Institute
Kent State University
The University of Texas, Arlington


      Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival,  New York, 1979.
      CINE Eagle, Washington, D.C., 1979.
      Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Student Film Award, 1979.
      Merit Award, Athens International Film Festival, Ohio, 1981.
      First Prize, Marin County Film Festival, California, 1979.
      Third Prize, FOCUS Competition, Los Angeles, 1980.
      Los Angeles FILMEX, 1980.
      Baltimore International Film Festival, 1979.
      Atlanta International Film Festival, 1981.
      Conference on Visual Anthropology, Philadelphia, 1980.
      Margaret Mead Film Festival, New York, 1979.
      Arden House Public Television Seminar, New York, 1979.


      First Prize, FOCUS Competition, Los Angeles, 1981.
      Finalist, American Film Festival, New York, 1980.
      Finalist, Birmingham Educational Film Festival, 1980.
      Merit Award, Rehabilitation Film Festival, New York, 1979.
      Conference on Visual Anthropology, Philadelphia, 1980.
      Los Angeles FILMEX, 1980. 


      Permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.
      Aired on public television in Chicago and Houston, 1981.
      Jury Prize, Deuxiemes Rencontres Internationales Henri Langlois a Tours, France, 1978.
      Second Prize, 20th International Documentary & Short Film Festival, Bilbao, Spain, 1978.
      Ann Arbor Festival Award and selected to tour with award-winning films.   On tour (1977):
               First Prize, University of Wisconsin
               First Prize, Ohio State University
               First prize, Alfred University
      Finalist, American Film Festival, New York, 1978.
      Regional winner, Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences  Student Film  Awards, 1977.
      University Film Association Scholarship Award, 1977.
      12th Annual Independent Filmmaker's Exposition, New York, 1978.
      Flaherty Film Seminar, Massachusetts, 1977.
      Conference on Visual Anthropology, Philadelphia, 1980.
      Arden House Public Television Seminar, New York, 1979.


Jan Krawitz, “A Southern Exposure: Indie Dox in Dixie,”  International Documentary, vol. 24, no. 6, July 2005, pp. 27-30.
Jan Krawitz, “Women Make Documentaries,” Wide Angle, 2000.
Jan Krawitz, “Archival Footage Usage in Documentary Films: Practical and Aesthetic Considerations,” Stanford Humanities Review, volume 7.2, 1999.
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      Rea, Peter W. and Irving, David K.  Producing and Directing the Short Film and Video.  Boston:       Focal Press, 1995. 
            My film Mirror Mirror is one of three short films presented as case studies in this book.  I was       interviewed extensively for the book, contributed documents from my film, and edited the
      transcript of my interview.
Rosenthal, Alan.  Writing, Directing, and Producing Documentary Films and Videos (third edition), Southern Illinois University Press, 2002, pp. 326-328.  (Proposal for my film “In Harm’s Way” is reprinted in Chapter 20.

Selected Reviews and Articles

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Invited Presentations with Films

      Southern Circuit, 2005.
      University of South Carolina, 2005.
      New York University, 2005.
      University Film and Video Association Annual Conference, 2005.
      Columbia College, 2005.
      Center for Biomedical Ethics, Stanford, 2005.
      Bryn Mawr College, 2004.
      Temple University, 2004.
      University of Oklahoma, 2003.
      Colorado College, 2002.
      Loeb Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, 2002.
      Exploratorium, San Francisco, 2001.
      Luce Lectureship, Vassar College, 2000, 1994.
      North Carolina Women’s Coalition Conference, 2000.
      Commonwealth Club, San Francisco,  2000.
      University of Florida, 2000.
      Austin Film Society, 1999.
      Rice Media Center, 1999.
      University of Texas at Austin, 1999.
      University of North Texas, 1999.
      Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1998.
      Portland Museum of Art, 1997.
      College of Santa Fe, 1995.
      Taos Film Festival, 1995.
      University of Colorado, 1995.
      Gallagher Lecturer, Society for Adolescent Medicine, 1994.
      Wayne State University, 1994.
      San Francisco Art Institute, 1994.
      Berkeley School of Journalism, 1993, 1994.
      University of Oklahoma,  "Cultural Perspectives in Film", 1993.
      Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, keynote speaker, l992.
      Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College, 1991.
      University Film and Video Association Annual Conference, 1996, 1990, 1986, 1982.
      Boston University, 1991, 1983.
      Flaherty Film Seminar, l993, l986, l976.
      Humboldt International Film and Video Festival, 1990.
      San Jose State University, l989.
      California State University, Fresno, 1988.
      Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois, 1988.
      University of Maryland, 1987.
      Temple University, 1986.
      Syracuse University, 1985.
      Cornell University, 1983.
      Workshop at Neighborhood Film Project, Philadelphia, 1983.
      Rice University, 1982.
      Feature story on "All Things Considered", National Public Radio, about LITTLE PEOPLE including filmmaker
interviews, 1982.

Invited Juror or Panelist

      Ashland Film Festival, 2005.
      Cinequest, 2006, 1998.
      Front Page Awards, Newswomen’s Club of New York, 2005.
      CINE, Jury Chair, 2005.
      South by Southwest, 2004.
      Documentary Summit, The University of Texas at Austin, 2002.
      National Educational Media Network, 1999.
      Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1998.
      Cinequest Film Festival, 1998.
      Louisville Film Festival, 1998, 1993.
      San Francisco International Film Festival, Jury Chair: 1992-95.   Juror: 1990-91.
      San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1997.
      American Film Festival, 1990, 1987, 1984, 1983, 1980.
      Council on International Nontheatrical Events, 1993.
      National Educational Film and Video Festival, l992, 1991.
      Humboldt International Film and Video Festival, 1990.
      Atlanta Film and Video Festival, 1989.
      Big Muddy Film Festival, Illinois, 1988. 
      New England Film Festival, Boston, 1987. 
      U.S.A. Film Festival, Dallas, 1985.
      Panelist, Nebraska Humanities Council, 1992-1995, 1997.
      Panelist, Independent Production Fund Grant, SW Alternate Media Project, Houston, 1987
      Panelist, National Endowment for the Humanities Youthgrant, Washington, D.C., 1980-82
      Panelist, Film Arts Foundation Seminar on Documentary, 1994.
      Panelist, Pioneer Fund Grant, l992.
      Panelist, National Educational Video and Film Festival, l990, l99l, l992, 1993.
      Panelist, Cinequest Film Festival, l99l, l992.
      Panelist, University Film and Video Association, 1982, 1989. 1999, 2002.

 Grants, Fellowships, and Teaching Awards

      Fleishhacker Foundation, 2002.
      Arts Council, Silicon Valley, 2001.
      Shenkin Fellowship of Yale University, 2001.
      Peninsula Community Foundation, 2001.
      Research Incentive Award, Stanford University, 2000. 
      The Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching, School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford, 1995.
      The Donnet Fund, 1995.
      Santa Clara County Fellowship for Independent Film and Video Artists, l99l, 1995.
      Stanford University Research Incentive Award, 1994.
      Irvine Foundation Multicultural Curriculum Grant, 1993.
      Film Arts Foundation Production Grant, l99l.
      Western States Regional Media Arts Production Grant, 1991.
      Marilyn Yalom Research Fund, 1991.
      Women in Film Finishing Fund Grant, 1989.
      Pioneer Fund Grant, 1989.
      Southwest Alternate Media Project Production Grants, 1988, 1985, 1984, 1981.
      The Paul Robeson Fund, Film Production Grant, 1987.
      Women's Project, Film Production Grant, 1987.
      Bunting Fellowship, Mary Ingraham Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College, 1986-1987.
      Mary Gibbs Jones Fellowship in Communication, 1986-1987.
      Texas Commission on the Arts, Grant for Film Production, 1985.
      College of Communication Research/Creative Support Grant, 1985.
      College of Communication Teaching Excellence Award, May 1984. 
      University Research Institute Grants, The University of Texas at Austin, 1984, 1981, 1980.
      Sinking Creek Film Celebration Production Grant, 1981.
      University Film Association Scholarship Award, 1977.

Films Directed by Jan Krawitz

BIG ENOUGH              16mm, color, 53 minute, 2004.
This film revisits five dwarfs who shared their stories in Little People, a documentary I co-directed in 1981.  Their contemporary stories, juxtaposed against their perspective of 20 years ago, offer a new look at being a dwarf today — and at the tension between cultural preservation and assimilation.

IN HARM’S WAY            16mm, color/b&w, 27 minutes, 1996.  Distributed By Women Make Movies.

This personal memoir explores assumptions about fear, safety, and control which were instilled in children growing up in the late 1950’s.  The filmmaker’s adult experience as a victim of anonymous sexual violence prompts her to revisit the fragile myths of childhood.

MIRROR MIRROR                 16mm, color, 17 minutes, 1990.  Distributed by Women Make Movies.

This film provocatively explores the relationship between a woman's body image and the quest for an idealized female form.  Blending humor and candor, the film illuminates the vagaries in the concept of an "ideal" body.

DRIVE-IN BLUES                   16mm, color, 28 minutes, 1986.  Distributed by Direct Cinema Limited.

The film explores the history and current status of a venerated institution of popular culture -- the drive-in movie theatre.

LITTLE PEOPLE                16mm, color, 58 minutes, 1984.  Distributed by Filmakers Library.
The film depicts the changes in attitude occurring  among dwarfs as they struggle towards equal opportunity and enhanced self-esteem.  It provides insight into the dwarf experience and offers a unique and sometimes disturbing perspective on the average-sized world.

P.M.                             16 mm, b/w, 7 minutes, 1980.

A cinematic essay depicting the quiet dismissal of those who are no longer able to keep up with the relentless pace of consumer society -- the aged. 

COTTON CANDY & ELEPHANT STUFF 16 mm, color, 29  minutes, 1979.   Distributed by Direct Cinema Limited.

The arduous lifestyle of a travelling tent circus often contradicts the romantic notion of "running away with a circus".  This film focuses on those elements of the circus which are not generally accessible to the circus audience, capturing both the magic and the routine of circus life.

AFTERIMAGE              16 mm, color, 17 minutes, 1979.  Distributed by Direct Cinema Limited.

AFTERIMAGE portrays the work and experiences of two blind artists who recount the painful period of fading vision and subsequent confrontation with isolation.  Their art work is seen as both a means and an end in their efforts to adjust to blindness.

STYX                           16 mm,  b/w, 10 minutes, 1976.  Distributed by The Museum of Modern Art.

STYX affords an impressionistic view of the subterranean world of a metropolitan subway system.  Joining an anonymous mass of commuters, the camera embarks on a journey across a decaying cityscape.        

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