Khaled Saab

I am currently a PhD candidate at Stanford University in the department of Electrical Engineering.

I received my M.S in Electrical Engineering from Stanford in 2019 and B.S in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2017.

At Stanford, I am lucky to work with Daniel Rubin and Chris Ré on developing robust and sustainable ML systems for Healthcare.


Weak Supervision for Medical Applications
Weak supervision as an efficient approach for automated seizure detection in electroencephalography
Khaled Saab, Jared Dunnmon, Christopher Ré, Daniel Rubin, and Christopher Lee-Messer
npj Digital Medicine, 2020.
Cross-Modal Data Programming Enables Rapid Medical Machine Learning
Jared Dunnmon, Alex Ratner, Khaled Saab, Nishit Khandwala, Matthew Markert, Hersh Sagreiya, Rodger Goldman, Christopher Lee-Messer, Matthew Lungren, Daniel Rubin, and Christopher Ré
Cell Patterns, 2020.
Doubly Weak Supervisioin of Deep Learning Models for Head CT
Khaled Saab, Jared Dunnmon, Roger Goldman, Alex Ratner, Hersh Sagreiya, Christopher Ré, and Daniel Rubin
MICCAI, 2019 (Oral Spotlight, Graduate Student Award).
Evaluation of archived technician annotations as supervision for automated seizure detection from electroencephalography
Khaled Saab, Jared Dunnmon, Matthew Markert, Christopher Ré, Daniel Rubin, and Christopher Lee-Messer
American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS) Annual Meeting, 2019.
Observational Supervision
Improving Sample Complexity with Observational Supervision
Khaled Saab, Jared Dunnmon, Alex Ratner, Daniel Rubin, and Christopher Ré
ICLR Limited Labeled Data Workshop, 2019 (Spotlight).
Stochastic Signal Processing
Shuffled Linear Regression with Erroneous Observations
Samer Saab, Khaled Saab, and Samer Saab Jr.
IEEE Conference on Information Sciences and Systems, 2019.
A Stochastic Newton-Raphson Method with Noisy Function Measurements
Khaled Saab and Samer Saab Jr.
IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2016.
Application of an Optimal Stochastic Newton-Raphson Technique to Triangulation-Based Localization Systems
Khaled Saab and Samer Saab Jr.
IEEE/ION Position, Location and Navigation Symposium, 2016.
Estimation of Cluster Centroids in Presence of Noisy Observations
Khaled Saab
IEEE MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference, 2016.
A Positioning System for Photodiode Device Using Collocated LEDs
Samer Saab Jr. and Khaled Saab
IEEE Photonics Journal, 2016.
Citizen Science
Learning Dynamics in Massive Citizen Science: A Case Study of Project Discovery
Khaled Saab, Devin Sullivan, Casper Winsnes, Attila Szantner, Emma Lundberg, James Zou
Under Submission.
Protecting Bare-metal Embedded Systems with Privilege Overlays
Abraham Clements, Naif Almakhdhub, Khaled Saab, Prashast Srivastava, Jinkyu Koo, Saurabh Bagchi, and Mathias Payer
IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, 2017.