Leslie A. Field

Consulting Professor, Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering email lafield@stanford.edu
Stanford University Tel (650) 823-2020
Stanford, California 94305-4070 www.linkedin.com/in/lesliefield/


At Stanford

Dr. Field is affiliated with Professor Roger Howe's Stanford NEMS research group. Dr. Field mentors individual students on various issues as well as project teams in MEMS graduate courses. Other activities include guest lectures and presentations. 
Each Fall Quarter at Stanford, Dr. Field teaches "Engineering and Climate Change", EE 292H.  Videos of the class lectures are available via YouTube at the end of the quarter (courtesy of Stanford's Center for Professional Development).


Research Interests

MEMS, Nanotechnology and Microfluidics, especially for biomedical and energy-related applications.
Mitigation/control/remediation of effects of climate change.


Professional Summary - Current

Dr. Leslie Field is the Founder and Managing Member of SmallTech Consulting, LLC and has provided consulting services to a broad spectrum of companies for technical and strategic projects since 2002. Much of her current and recent work involves invention and development of MEMS devices and systems for medical applications.
She serves as a Consulting Professor in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, where she teaches a graduate-level seminar course in "Engineering and Climate Change".
Dr. Field founded and runs Ice911 Research Corporation, an environmental non-profit with a focus on the preservation of reflective ice in the Arctic.


Professional Summary - Previous Work Experience

Dr. Field worked in MEMS R&D at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories/Agilent Laboratories and during her decade there played a key role in starting HP Labs' Micromechanics group, while also working on a variety of MEMS projects and devices.
Her earlier work at Chevron Research Company resulted in improved commercial catalytic refining methods for high-octane blend-stocks and aromatics production.


Professional Summary - Patents, Publications, Professional Activities, Specializations

Dr. Field has 42 issued US patents, 17 pending patent applications and 18 technical publications to her credit.
She serves on professional technical and awards committees and does volunteer work in education.
Specialties: MEMS (MicroElectroMechanical Systems) - design, prototyping, IP; microfluidics, valves, switches, biomedical devices, energy; Electrical Engineering; Chemical Engineering; catalysis; climate change; education.



Leslie earned PhD and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley's Sensor & Actuator Center.
  • Fluid-Actuated Micromachined Rotors and Gears (Doctoral Dissertation)
  • Low-Temperature Silicon-Silicon Bonding with Oxides (Master's Thesis)
Dr. Field earned MS and BS degrees in Chemical Engineering from MIT.
  • School of Chemical Engineering Practice (In lieu of Master's Thesis)
  • Limits of Superheat of Non-Ideal Binary Liquid Mixtures (Bachelor's Thesis)