No Escape from Definitions

2003-07-1: When a symbol is defined with the 'define' command, for example,

define Trap a b c;

all subsequent instances of Trap in regular expressions are interpreted in accordance with the definition. One would expect that putting the escape character % in front of Trap, or closing it in double quotes, "Trap", would get Trap interpreted literally as the symbol Trap and not as shorthand for [a b c]. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the most recent version of xfst. The compiler produces the same result for all the three expressions below:

read regex Trap ;
read regex %Trap ;
read regex "Trap" ;

Thanks to Kemal Oflazer for pointing out this misfeature. It will be fixed in some future version of xfst.

Last Modified:Thursday, 04-Mar-2004 17:15:28 PST