Constraint Satisfaction

This exercise is a variant of the Einstein's Puzzle. It comes from

Let us imagine the following situation:

There are five cars parked next to each other in the parking garage. Each car has a different color. Each of the five car owners drinks a different beverage, has a different hobby (or participates in a different sport) and owns a different breed of dog. No two owners prefer the same beverage, have the same hobby (or sport), or own the same breed of dog.

Here are some additional facts:

  1. Mark owns the first car.
  2. Lucie owns the teal car.
  3. Dave drinks sparkling water.
  4. The purple car is on the left of the tan car.
  5. The one who races cars parks next to the one who drinks espresso.
  6. Brenda has a Yellow Lab.
  7. The one who golfs, also drinks tea.
  8. The purple car owner drinks raspberry mocha.
  9. The person who collects stamps also has two poodles.
  10. The person who races cars, parks next to the one who has a terrier.
  11. The person who has a collie parks next to the one who swims.
  12. Susan paints oil paintings.
  13. The owner of the center car drinks grape soda.
  14. Mark parks his car next to the blue car.
  15. The owner of the green car swims.

The question is: Who owns the Bichon Frise (it's a dog)?

You may wish to look at the solution of Einstein's Puzzle for inspiration.