The system Command

Q: The system command is supposed to pass commands to the operating system that is running xfst. For Solaris, Linux, and MacOSX systems, that means passing a command to a Unix shell. Commands such as system ls (list the files in the current directory) work in the expected way but commands such as system cd .. (change the current directory up one level) do absolutely nothing. Why this bug? Will it be fixed in a future release?

A: Unfortunately this bug (if that's what it is) can never be fixed. The system commands passed to the operating system are not executed in the shell that is running xfst but in a subordinate shell that is killed when the command has been executed. This works fine for commands such as system ls that print information that is independent of the shell but not for the command system cd .. that changes the current directory of the shell that is executing the command. The same goes for parenthesized commands in a Unix shell: (pwd) prints the path to the current directory but (cd ..) is useless.