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Thanks to Aleksandra Seremina at the software company AZOFT you can view this page in Romanian.

Thanks to Agnessa Petrova for the Ukrainian translation by A2Goos team.

Thanks to Alisa Anikeeva for the Russian translation by the TopJurist team.

PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) has made a new release of the software for the Finite-State Morphology book.

Go to NewSoftware for a click-through license agreement for the new Book software.

The five Book applications, xfst, lexc, lookup, tokenize and twolc are available for four platforms: 32 and 64 bit Linux, 32 bit MacOSX (universal binary) and 64 bit MacOSX (Intel only), Sun Solaris and 32-bit Windows. Also available are an API and a library for C/C++ programmers, and a Python interface to the library developed by Timothy Maxwell, all subject to the same licensing agreement.

This is the homepage of the book Finite State MorphologyKenneth R. Beesley and Lauri Karttunen, CSLI Publications, 2003. The stable URL is This page is permanently under construction.

From this page you can find


The first copies of Finite State Morphology were delivered 16 June 2003. Here is a picture of the cover. The book can be ordered either from CSLI or from the American distributor, the University of Chicago Press. The European handler, Wiley, received the book in August. You can also order the book from Amazon where you find a very positive review by Shlomo Yona (***** A great book!, January 22, 2004). Another positive review by Shuly Wintner appeared in Computational Linguistics, Vol. 30, pp. 237-239 (July 2004). The latest review is by Otakar Smrž in The Prague Bulletin of Mathematical Linguistics, 81, pp.  73-76 (2004).

Software Licensing

The software license for included with the book has been superseded by the clickwrap license for the updated software. See License Agreement. It is for non-commercial use.

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