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Originally published in the January 1985 issue of Cyclops USA


Since Jim McFadden stopped producing Cycling USA for the U.S. Cycling Federation, no one has the respon­sibility for doing hatchet jobs on the officials and programs of the Federa­tion. Never fear, Cyclops USA is here! This publication is aimed pri­marily at a rather limited and unedu­cated readership: the USCF Board of Directors. One of our goals is to insult each Director at least once every six months. If we haven't gotten to you recently, it is because you aren't doing anything.


Of course, we have been taking potshots at wrongdoing for many years, most recently in a review of leg­islative shenanigans that was released at the Board meeting last October. Cyclops USA treats the same kinds of subjects that we have taken up in the past, but in an even less formal way. While some of the statements below may seem incredible, the Editor vouches for their accuracy, aside from a bit of obviously whimsical hyperbole. While we have withheld some facts to protect the guilty, everything stated as a fact is true according to the best available evidence.


The Editor claims that he can take it as well as give it out, so if you see an opening, give it your best shot! Who knows, we might even publish it. As for publication frequency, Cyclops USA is an aperiodical. Publi­cation dates are determined on the same basis as our office cleaning - we do it whenever enough dirt accumu­lates.


Les Earnest, Editor <les at cs.stanford.edu>



CYCLOPS USA was composed with the TROFF* program on a DEC* VAX* 750 computer running Berkeley 4.2 Unix*. It was printed in 10 point Lucida* font on an IMAGEN* 8/300 laser printer. All typos, misspellings and grammatical lapses are computer errors.


* These are all trademarks. Naming the own­ers of these trademarks is left as an exercise for the reader. The first one to report them all correctly wins a pitcher of beer at The Fin­ish Line [a bikers bar across the street from the running track at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs].


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