[Published in the Los Altos Town Crier, 2015.12.09]


Subject: Forget about bike lanes

From: Lester D Earnest <les at cs.stanford.edu> 

To: <Various Media> 

Date: Sat 11/28/2015 10:48 AM


Regarding the Nov. 3 death of a cyclist in the Page Mill/I-280 interchange, some think that rearranging bike lanes will fix the problem but they are dead wrong. Bike lanes provide only imaginary safety and are a waste of paint. 


My cycling career began about 25 years before bike lanes began appearing and everything worked fine as long as the right lane was wide enough for motorists to pass cyclists safely. Then some dimwit cyclist imagined that painting a line on the pavement would somehow protect him and sold that idea to others who live in fantasy worlds.


Some motorists like bike lanes, which they regard as a ghetto that keeps cyclists in their place. Unfortunately bike lanes do result in fewer motorists riding near the edge of the road with the result that debris accumulates there where the cyclists ride.


Lester Earnest