Andrew Lin


Welcome to my website! I am a second year mathematics PhD student at Stanford (supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship), recently graduated from MIT (class of 2022) with a double major in math and physics. I'm interested in studying probability, combinatorics, and/or mathematical physics, but it might be a few years before I have anything interesting to say about them :) If you're here, you probably know that I take detailed notes for a lot of my classes; click here to see them.

Non-academic things I did in undergrad

I was a codirector of the MIT Video Game Orchestra in my senior year, and I sang with the MIT Asymptones and played in the MIT Symphony Orchestra during my first year at MIT. Music performance is important to me, but I am still thinking about how best to explore it going forward.

I was also an admin for the MIT Educational Studies Program; in 2019, I codirected MIT Splash, a weekend-long educational program for thousands of high school students. Other than that, I also took on various officer positions in HMMT and was a member of the Council for Math Majors.

My LaTeX style package

If you'd like your LaTeX document to look like the ones that I make, feel free to try using my style package! Including this file in your project and starting a document with "\usepackage{lindrew}" will import all of the shortcuts / formatting that I use.


Email me at if you'd like to chat about anything!

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