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The Ohio State University (with distinction)



University of Florida



University of Florida (magna cum laude)


Professor of English and Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, 2000 -

Stanford University

Director, Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing, 1998-2000

The Ohio State University
Department of English 

Distinguished Professor of English, 1990-2000

The Ohio State University
Department of English 

Professor, Summer 1990 - 2001

Director, Santa Fe Campus, 2001-2003 

Bread Loaf Graduate School of English
Middlebury, VT 

Professor, Summer 1990, 1992 

Martha's Vineyard
Graduate Program in English 

Professor, 1986-present 

The Ohio State University
Department of English

Associate Professor, Director of Writing 1981-86; Assistant Professor 1977-81 

University of British Columbia
Department of English 

Graduate Research Associate, 1973-77 

The Ohio State University
Department of English 

Associate Professor of English, 1969-73 

Hillsborough Community College
Tampa, FL 

Instructor of English, 1965-68 

Colonial High School
Orlando, FL 

Courses Taught at Stanford University

English 73N: How and Why We Remember: the Rhetoric of Mediated Memory
Writing 3: Electric Rhetoric English 394: Independent Study
English 397: Pedagogy Seminar 2 English 398R: Revision of a Paper for Publication
English 312: Feminist Rhetorics? English and Feminist Studies 212A: Gender and the History of Rhetoric
English 181: Writing for Publication Sophomore College Seminar: Memory and Media
English 364: Writing across Languages and Cultures PWR 198X: Ravenswood Writes: A Writing Center Seminar
English 361: Memoria: the Arts and Practices of Memory English 87: The Graphic Novel: Literature Lite?
English 372: Women Writing Together English 260B: The Politics of Language
English and Feminist Studies 260: The Language Wars

English 291: Writing for Publication


Courses Taught at The Ohio State University

Courses Taught at University of British Columbia


Freshman Composition


Basic Writing 


Rhetoric and the University 


Freshman English 


Introduction to Fiction 


Intermediate Composition 


Intermediate Composition 


Advanced Composition 


Critical Writing 


History and Theory of Rhetoric 


Writing and Learning: A Seminar 


Style in Contemporary Non-Fiction 


Rhetorical Theory and the Analysis of Discourse 


Theories of Reading 


History and Theories of Writing 


Introduction to Composition Studies 


Studies in Critical Theory 


History of Invention 


Theories of Composition 


Research Methods in Composition 


Studies in Rhetoric 
Modern Theories of Rhetoric 
The Rhetoric of Difference: Race, Class, and Gender 
Rhetoric in 19th Century North America 
Histories of Feminist Rhetorics and Writing Practices


Directed Readings in Rhetoric and Composition: 
Seminar on Kenneth Burke 
Seminar on Invention 
Seminar on Personal Narrative 


Studies in Composition 
History and Theories of Writing and Literacy 
Gender and Writing 
Contemporary Theories of Composition 
The Politics of Composition 
The (Re)Composition of Memory




The Teaching of First-Year Composition 




The Rhetoric of Intellectual Property




Advanced Research Methods in Composition and Rhetoric



Courses Taught at Martha's Vineyard
     Gender and Writing 
     Multiculturalism and Writing 

Courses Taught at Bread Loaf School of English

Gender, Reading, and Writing 
History of Writing and Technology 
Seminar on Writing for Publication 
Writing in its Places 
Rhetorical Theory and Practice
Writing across Languages and Cultures



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Honorary Doctorate, awarded by University of Orebro, Sweden, February 2006.

Richard Braddock Award, for best essay published in College Composition and Communication, 2005.

Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor of English, 2005 -

Claude and Louise Rosenberg University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, 2003 -

MLA/ADE Francis Andrew March Award. 2002.

"The Stanford Study of Writing: Folio Thinking." Wallenberg Global Learning Network ($46,000) 2002.

Frank and Eleanor Griffiths Chair, Bread Loaf School of English. 2001.

"Proposal for a Stanford Center for Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology." President's Funds ($450,000), 2000-01.

"Partnership for Literacy: Improving Reading and Writing for Students at Three Elementary Schools."  Ohio READS Program ($30,000), 2000.

"Enhancement of Graduate Education: Researching, Writing, and Completing the Dissertation."  Academic Enrichment Proposal ($149,988); currently under consideration.

"Trevitt Elementary / OSU Partnership for Literacy."  President's Council for Outreach and Engagement ($9,000), 2000.

"Hubbard Elemetary / OSU Partnership for Literacy."  Campus Collaborative Grant ($3,250), 2000.

"Communicating for Success: Community Literacy and Life-Long Learning."  OSU Cares Grant ($9,000), 2000.

"Improving the Performance of High School Students." Ohio Board of Regents EECAP Grant ($40,000), 2000.

"Communicating for Success: Community Literacy and Life-Long Learning." OSU Cares Seed Grant ($8,000), 1999.

"Neighborhood Literacy Tutoring Exchange."  Campus Collaborative Grant ($6,995), 1999.

"Technology, Writing, and Culture in Secondary Science Instruction."  Battelle Endowment for Technology and Human Affairs Grant ($41,162), 1999.

The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Visiting Scholar, Saginaw Valley State University, 1999.

University Distinguished Scholar Award, Ohio State University, 1998.

Visiting Scholar, Stanford University, 1998.

The 1997 Holder Memorial Lecture. Nebraska Wesleyan University, Spring 1997.

The Ohio Board of Regents Early English Composition Assessment Program ($31,000), 1996-97. 

YWCA Ohio Women of Achievement Award, 1996.

University Distinguished Lecturer, University of Alberta, March 1996.

Conference on College Composition and Communication Exemplar Award, 1994.

The Hagy Lecture. University of Waterloo, 1993.

Harry Jack Gray Distinguished Visitor in Humanities, University of Hartford, 1993.

Bellagio Study and Conference Center Fellow, Rockefeller Foundation, March 1993.

The Ohio Board of Regents Early English Composition Assessment Program ($121,000), 1992-96.

Lillian and Morrie A. Moss Chair of Excellence, Department of English, Memphis State University, Winter, 1992.

Official Recognition by the State of Ohio, Office of the Governor, for Outstanding Achievement as a 1990 OhioProgram Excellence Award Recipient, 1991.

Undergraduate Student Council Distinguished Teaching Citation, 1989, 1991.

The Ohio Board of Regents Excellence in Higher Education Academic Challenge Award, 1989-95 for The Ohio State University Graduate Rhetoric and Composition Program ($745,726).

Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Department of English, University of Washington, Spring, 1990.

The Ohio Board of Regents 1990 Program Excellence Award for the Ohio State University Undergraduate Rhetoric and Composition Program ($148,631).

Conference on College Composition and Communication Leadership Award, 1989.

Modern Language Association Mina Shaughnessy Award (1985) for best book on the teaching of language and literature.

Fund for the Improvement for Post Secondary Education Mina Shaughnessy Scholar, 1984-85 to study collaborative writing; with Lisa Ede ($40,000).

Richard Braddock Award, 1984, for best article published in College Composition and Communication.

Ohio Humanities Council Award for the Right to Literacy Project ($5,000).

Six University of British Columbia Humanities and Social Studies Grants to pursue research in the history of rhetoric ($6,000).


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MLA Deleate Assembly Nominating Committee 2005-06.

Editor, NCTE/LEA Research on Writing and Literacy Series. Lawrence Earlbaum Press, 2002 -2005

Alliance of Rhetoric Societies Internationl Conference, Co-chair. 2002-03.

Council of Writing Program Administrators, Taskforce on Plagiarism, 2001-02.

MLA Nominating Committee, 2000-2002.

JSTOR Committee, MLA, 2000.

Editorial Board, National Council of Teachers of English, 1999 -.

Chair, MLA Committee on Amendments to the Constitution, 1998 -.

Board of Directors, The Society for Critical Exchange, 1999 -2002.

Modern Language Association Executive Council, 1994-97.

Modern Language Association Delegate Assembly Organizing Committee, 1995-97.

Founder and Chair, CCCC Caucus on Intellectual Property, 1994-96.

President, Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition, 1994-96.

Judge, Columbus Public Schools Writing Award. March, 1995.

National Advising Committee, Columbus City Schools Project on Standards.

Program on Creativity, Association of Faculty and Professional Women.

Board of Visitors for the College of Arts and Sciences, University of Hartford, Hartford, CT. 1994-95.

Consultant, MLA-FIPSE English Program Curriculum Review Project, 1992-93. 

MLA Mina P. Shaughnessy Prize Committee.

Program Committee, The Responsibilities of Literacy Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. September, 1990.

Referee/Evaluator for National Endowment for the Humanities, National Institute of Education Grants, Office of Educational Research and Improvement, and Fellowships for University Teachers, 1990-1995.

Executive Committee, National Council of Teachers of English, 1989-90.

Chair, Conference on College Composition and Communication, 1989-90.

Board of Directors, Rhetoric Society of America, 1987-90.

National Advisor, National Testing Network in Writing, 1984-90.

Associate Chair, Conference on College Composition and Communication, 1988-89.

Program Committee Member, MLA Future of Doctoral Studies Conference, 1987-88.

Co-chair, The Modern Language Association Right to Literacy Conference, 1988.

Project Director, Ohio Humanities Council Grant for The Right to Literacy Conference, 1988.

Assistant Chair, Conference on College Composition and Communication, 1987-88.

Chair, Modern Language Association, Division of the Teaching of Writing, 1987.

Member, Modern Language Association Commission on Writing and Literature. Final report completed, Fall 1987.

Modern Language Association representative, English Coalition, July 1987.

Consultant reader for College English, College Composition and Communication, Publications of the Modern Language Association of America, Rhetorica, Composition Studies, and Journal of Advanced Composition, 1987-present.

Editorial Board: Argumentation and Advocacy, Rhetoric Review, Rhetoric Society Quarterly, English Quarterly, Journal of Basic Writing, Written Communication, Textual Studies in Canada, Focuses, and Writing on theEdge, 1987-present.

Publications Review Board, National Center for the Study of Writing, 1986-present.

Board of Directors, Center for the Study of Writing (California, Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University), 1986-present.

Secretary/Treasurer, Canadian Society for the History of Rhetoric, 1984-86.

Chair, College Conference on Composition and Communication Bibliography Committee, 1984.

500+ speeches, lectures, workshops, and papers presented during the last ten years.

Consultant for writing programs and departmental reviews for many universities and colleges, ongoing.

Outside reviewer for Departments of English at University of Washington, University of North Carolina, Florida State University,University of Utah, University of Denver, University of California at Santa Barbara, Utah State University, University of Missouri, Emory University, Brigham Young University, University of Nebraska, University of Puget Sound, University of Colorado, Univesity of Victoria, and others--ongoing.

ACADEMIC SERVICE, Stanford University and College of H&S

Member, K-12 Initiative Committee, 2006-

Member, Academic Senate, 2004-2006.

Member, Committee on Committees, 2004-006.

Member, Committee on Academic Computing, 2004-06.

Member, Carnegie Teachers for a New Era Board, 2004 -

Member, H&S Curriculum Committee, 2003-05.

Member, Dinkelspiel, Gores, and Cuthbertson Awards Committee, 2003-05.

Chair, Feminist Studies Program, 2004-05.

Member, Modern Thought and Literature Steering Committee, 2001 -

Convenor, Rhetoric Reading Group, Humanities Center, 2002 -

Member, Green Library committee to develop SKIL (Stanford Knowledge Information Literacy tutorial, 2001 -

Faculty sponsor, American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian Program. 2001 -

Member, Search Committee for Senior Scholar in Reading, School of Education, 2002

Member, Search Committee for University Ombud, 2002

Member, Feminist Studies Organizing Committee, 2001 -

Member, Faculty Steering Committee for the Haas Center for Public Service, 2002-

Member, Commission on the Division of Languages, Cultures, and Literatures, 2001

Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, 2000 -

Chair, Writing and Rhetoric Requirement Governance Board, 2001 -

Member, Area One Governance Board, 2000 -

Chair, Oral Communication Roundtable, 2001 -

Mentor, Haas Scholar Program, 2001-

Member, Committee for the Institute for Research on Women and Gender, 2001-


Member, Writing Review Committee, 2000-2001

ACADEMIC SERVICE, Stanford Department of English

Vice-Chair, 2000 - 2005

Departmental Advisory Committee, 2000 -

Graduate Studies Committee, 2000 -

Graduate Admissions Committee, 2001 -

Undergraduate Studies Committee, 2000 -

Curriculum Committee, 2001 -

Academic Service, Ohio State University

University and College of Humanities Service

Chair, Search Committee for Women's Studies Chair, 1999 - 2000.

Executive Committee, College of Humanities, 1999 -2000.

Director, Center for the Study of the Teaching of Writing, 1997-present

Chair, College of Humanities Campus Campaign, 1997

Ad Hoc Committee on University Support for Research/Indirect Costs, 1996-97

Advisory Committee, Commitment to Success Program, 1996-97

Chair, Dean's Ad Hoc Committee on a Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing, 1996-97 

Member, Dean's Ad Hoc Mathematics Review Committee, 1996-present

Chair, University Writing Board, 1995-present

Judge, the Seventh Annual Lantern Essay Contest, 1995

Evaluator, the Presidential-Medalist competition, 1995-present

Early English Composition Assessment Program, 1992-present

National Council of Ohio State University Women, Spring Celebration Speaker, April, 1995

Chair, Dean's ad hoc Committee on Departmental Status for Women's Studies, 1995

Nominating Committee, Ohio State University Faculty Club Board of Directors, 1995

Speaker, Orientation for new and returning university teaching associates, September, 1994

Member, University Writing Panel, 1993-present 

University Committee on Diversity, 1993-1995

Board of Directors, Ohio State University Press, 1992-96

Friends of the Library, Board of Directors, 1991-96

Presidential and Medalist Scholars Selection Committee, 1993

Kathryn Schoen Award Committee, 1993

Graduate School Distinguished Visiting Professor Selection Committee, 1991; Chair, 1992, 1993

College of Humanities Executive Council, 1992

Search Committee, Dean of the Mansfield Campus, 1992

Chair, President's Commission on Women, 1991-1993

Instructional Computing Advisory Committee, 1989-90; Chair, 1990-92

Council on Academic Excellence for Women, 1989-92

University Regents' Undergraduate Scholar Essay Awards Committee, 1990-91

Language, Culture, and Society Committee, 1989-91

Teaching for Black Student Retention, 1989-91

Faculty Forum on Teaching for The Center for Teaching Excellence, 1988-91

President, Association of Faculty and Professional Women, 1988-90

Faculty Adviser, The Sundial, undergraduate Journal, 1987-89

Multicultural Teaching Advisory Council, 1991-1993

Critical Difference for Women Council, 1990-1995

Writing Across the Curriculum series of seminars and workshops for many departments, colleges, and regionalcampuses, 1988-present

University Placement Advisory Committee, 1988-present

Liaison to Undergraduate Honors College, 1988-present

Coordinator, Regional Campus Writing Programs and Faculty, 1986-present

Department of English Service

Acting Chair, 1992

Affirmative Action Officer, 1992, 1994, 1995

New Personnel Committee, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992

Executive Council, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1996-98

English Graduate Studies Committee, 1988-90

Undergraduate Mentoring Program, 1989-94

Vice Chair, 1988-97

Convenor, All But Dissertation Study Group, 1987-96

Chair, Rhetoric and Composition Committee, 1986-97

Chair, Reunion Committee, 1995-96

Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Senior Lecturers, 1996-97


American Society for the History of Rhetoric

Conference on College Composition and Communication

International Society for the History of Rhetoric

Modern Language Association

National Council of Teachers of English

Rhetoric Society of America

Society for Critical Exchange

Canadian Association for the Study of Literacy and Language