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Manu Bansal

Email: manub[at]stanford[dot]edu
Office: Packard Building Suite 220

I started my Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Stanford in 2010 with Prof. Sachin Katti. My research focuses on building low-latency, line-rate, easy-to-modify software for wireless systems. I am on leave since 2015 to work on a startup based out of my research. Prior to Stanford, I got B.Tech. and M.Tech. from IIT Kanpur in 2008 and an M.S. from UCLA in 2010, all in Computer Science.


Projects, publications, and software

Programmable wireless data plane

  • Manu Bansal, Aaron Schulman, Sachin Katti. Atomix: A Framework for Deploying Signal Processing Applications on Wireless Infrastructure. NSDI '15, Oakland, CA. [paper pdf]

  • https://github.com/manubansal/axwifi: An 802.11 standard-compliant WiFi baseband receiver implementation using Atomix that can process PHY of a 20MHz 54Mbps WiFi channel at line-rate within 16us frame processing latency requirement for the MAC-layer ACK function

  • https://github.com/manubansal/orilib: A re-usable, optimized library of signal processing atoms in Atomix parlance implementing core functions of 802.11 WiFi PHY

  • https://github.com/manubansal/atomix and https://github.com/manubansal/axiolib: Atomix runtime and I/O libraries to let you easily build your own wireless PHY and MAC implementations that run at line-rate with protocol latency requirements

  • https://github.com/manubansal/wifibb: An easy-to-use, complete, and standard-compliant 802.11 WiFi baseband reference implementation in MATLAB (non-realtime)

  • Manu Bansal, Jeffrey Mehlman, Sachin Katti, Philip Levis. OpenRadio: A Programmable Wireless Dataplane. HotSDN '12, Helsinki, Finland. [paper pdf] [talk pptx] [talk pdf]

Programmable wireless control plane

  • SoftRAN 5G network slicing demo at MWC 2016 with Deutsche Telekom: DT CTO Bruno Jacobfeuerborn presents our demo show-casing the ability to slice the mobile infrastructure into multiple slices for different services, including providing < 1ms latency on the radio network. The demo is rated one of the best 5G demos. DT talks about 5G infrastructure based on SoftRAN architecture in press release 1 and 2.

  • Yiannis Yiakoumis, Manu Bansal, Adam Covington, Johan van Reijendam, Sachin Katti, and Nick McKeown. BeHop: A Testbed for Dense WiFi Networks. WiNTECH '14, Maui, HI. [paper pdf]

  • Yiannis Yiakoumis, Manu Bansal, Sachin Katti and Nick McKeown. SDN for Dense WiFi Networks. ONS '14, Santa Clara, CA. [paper pdf]

Predictive modeling of wireless networks

  • Manu Bansal, Ankur Gupta, Manu Jose, Saurabh Trivedi, Mario Gerla. Multi-modal modeling of urban mobility. ACITA '10, London, UK. [pdf]

Invited talks, posters, manuscripts

  • Manu Bansal, Aaron Schulman, Sachin Katti. OpenRadio: Software-defined Wireless Infrastructure. HotWireless '14, Maui, HI.

  • Manu Bansal, Aaron Schulman, Omid Aryan, Sachin Katti. PlanX: Enabling Innovative Measurements of Operational Wireless Networks. AIMS '14, La Jolla, CA. [talk pdf]

  • Cheng Li, Manu Bansal, Uichin Lee, Kang-Won Lee, and Mario Gerla. VsnMobSim: An Interactive Vehicular Sensor Network Simulator for Proactive Urban Monitoring. ACITA '08, London, UK.

  • Manu Bansal, Bhaskaran Raman. A PSFQ Implementation Study. WISARD, COMSWARE '07, Bangalore, India. [poster pdf] [paper pdf color] [paper pdf printable]

  • An Algorithm for Fast Spectral Clustering of Data Streams and Large Datasets, 2007, IIT Kanpur. [Dec '07] [Jul '07 #1] [Jul '07 #2] (non-peer-reviewed manuscripts)

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