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Elements of evolutionary economics - By Esben Sloth Andersen

Evolutionary theories in the social sciences - By Peter Murmann

Game Theory and Experimental Economics - By Al Roth

Bibliographies (back to Categories)

FAQ of evolutionary economics - By Esben Sloth Andersen

Selection of papers on evolutionary economics - By Ulrich Witt

Evolution of Cooperation - By Robert Axelrod and Lisa D'Ambrosio.


Simulations (back to Categories)

Complexity of Cooperation - Code for book by Robert Axelrod.

Evolution of Cooperation - Code and other material for book by Robert Axelrod.

Hotelling Pricing Game - By Michael Friedlander and David Sumpter. Comment: check code in Swarm.

Prisoner's Dilemma - By Nick Danielson

Sugarscape - By Robert Axtell and Joshua Epstein - Brookings Institution


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Drone - Tool for automatically running jobs of a simulation batch. By Theodore Belding.

GAMBIT Game Theory Software

Swarm - Santa Fe Institute




Experimental Economics (back to Categories)

Bibliography of Experimental Economics — By Charles Holt

Artificial Markets Project Bibliography of Experimental Economics Canadian Experimental Economics Researchers CBCL Homepage Centre for Experimental Economics Classroom Expernomics CREED Home Page Economic Science Association Economic Science Digest Home Page Economic Science Laboratory Experimental Economics Programs Experimental economics sites Goph2Web menu John Miller's Test of Java Stuff Lab for Experimental Economics - Caltech Laboratori d'Economia Experimental (LeeX) Learning and Experimental Economics - University of California, Santa Cruz Marketscape New laboratory PERSONAL PAGE OF_ANTONI BOSCH Program RatImage - Laboratorium für exp. WiFo. - Uni Bonn The Tragedy of the Commons Game




Courses (back to Categories)

PhD Course on Evolutionary Modelling 1997

Experience from a Course in Game Theory

G570 Thinking Strategically

Behavioral Game Theory Syllabus

Nalebuff's course on Decision Making and Game Theory

G601 Applied Microeconomics Home Page


5984 Experimental Economics Syllabus


Centers, Universities and Institutions (back to Categories)

Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition

Center For Rationality and Interactive Decision Theory

Center on Social and Economic Dynamics - Brookings Institution

Center for the Study of Complex Systems

CITG - Interuniversity Centre for Game Theory and Applications

Evolving artificial moral ecologies Center for Applied Ethics, University of British Columbia. Comment: Check the interactive simulators.

Game Theory Society



Personal Pages (back to Categories)

Esben Sloth Andersen - Aalborg University

Ted Bergstrom - University of California, Santa Barbara

Herbert Gintis

Oliver Kirchkamp

David K. Levine - UCLA

George Mailath

Stephen Morris - University of Pennsylvania

Peter Murmann - Northwestern University

Burkhard C. Schipper - Evolutionary game theory and Experimental economics.

David Sumpter

Steven Tadelis

John Van Huyck's Web game theory and experimental economics



12th Summer Festival on Game Theory at Stony Brook

Miscellanea (back to Categories)

Spatial evolutionary games

Evolutionary Psychology




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