Curriculum Vitae
Marvin D. Diogenes


Stanford Introductory Studies/Program in Writing and Rhetoric
590 Escondido Mall, Sweet Hall 311

Stanford University
Stanford CA 94305-3069
(650) 723-4642 (office)


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  • B.A. English/Creative Writing, Stanford University, Stanford, California, 1976
  • M.F.A. Creative Writing/Fiction, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 1983
  • Graduate Course Work in Rhetoric, Composition, and Literature, University of Arizona, 1984
  • Writing Program Administration
  • Writing Center Administration
  • Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Pedagogy
  • Creative Writing/Fiction/Creative Writing Pedagogy

  • Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Co-Director of Stanford Introductory Studies for the Program in Writing and Rhetoric and September Studies, Stanford University, 2008-date
  • Associate Director, Program in Writing and Rhetoric, Stanford University, 2000-2009
  • Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, Stanford University, 2001-2008
  • Director and Associate Writing Specialist, University Composition Board, University of Arizona, 1997- 2000
  • Acting Senior Coordinator, University Composition Board, University of Arizona, 1992-1997
  • Assistant Coordinator, University Composition Board, University of Arizona, 1989-1992
  • Lecturer, Department of English and Comparative Literature, San Diego State University, 1987-89
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Department of English, University of Arizona, 1986-87
  • Teaching Associate, Department of English, University of Arizona, 1984-86
  • Graduate Assistant in Teaching, University of Arizona, 1980-84
  • Instructor, Undergraduate Specials Program, Stanford University, 1976
  • Assistant Director of Composition, University of Arizona, 1985-87, 1990-94
  • Composition Coordinator, New Start Summer Program, Office of First-Year Programs, University Learning Center, and Minority Student Services, Dean of Students Office, 1985-87, 1990-1998
  • Head Supervisor and Course Director for First-Year Composition, University of Arizona, 1985-87
  • Assistant to the Director, Composition Program, University of Arizona, 1982-85

At Stanford University (1976, 2000-date):

  • Undergraduate Special 78: The Fiction of J.D. Salinger
  • PWR 3: The Uses of Classical and Contemporary Rhetoric; Purposeful Laughter--The Rhetoric of Comedy
  • PWR/English 191: Expository Writing/Creative Non-Fiction Genres
  • PWR 195: Peer Writing Tutor Training Seminar
  • English 397A: Pedagogy Seminar

  For Stanford Continuing Studies

  • Egl 121: Intermediate/Advanced Fiction Writing
  • Egl 229: Jewish American Short Fiction, 1950-2000
  • Com 07: Purposeful Laughter: The Rhetoric of Comedy
  • Com 12: Make 'Em Laugh: A Comic Writing and Performance Workshop
  • Com 17: Laughing Matters: Comedy at Work and Play
  • Lit 124: Mysteries and Manners: Crafting the Short Story Tradition

At University of Arizona (1980-87, 1989-2000):

  • English 100 (Basic Writing)
  • English 101 (Expository Writing)
  • English 102 (Critical Essays About Literature)
  • English 103 (Honors: The Rhetoric of Argumentation)
  • English 104 (Honors: The Rhetoric of Interpretation)
  • English 197a (Thinking and Writing the University)
  • English 207 (Sophomore Composition)
  • English 210 (Introduction to Fiction Writing)
  • English 301 (Creative Non-Fiction)
  • English 304 (Intermediate Fiction Writing)
  • English 306 (Advanced Composition)
  • English 404 (Advanced Fiction Writing)
  • English 393/493 (Internship--Writing Center Peer Consultants)
  • English 591A (Methodology of Teaching Essay Writing)
  • English 595A (Rhetoric of Exposition)
  • English 591B (Methodology of Teaching Critical Reading and Writing)
  • English 595B (Rhetoric of Literature and Critical Writing)
  • English 596H (Modern Literature: The Teaching of Creative Writing); taught collaboratively with Debra Gregerman
  • Summer Programs Seminar: Gender and Conflict in 20th Century Literature
  • Humanities 245 (Race and Ethnicity in the United States: A Regional Perspective, taught collaboratively with Oscar Martinez, History, and Liz Bailey, Communications, for Transfer Summer Institute)
  • LRC 197a (Investigating the University, for Fall Transition Program)
  • LRC 493 (Internship--Undergraduate Research Projects)

Non-Credit Courses at Writing Works Center, Extended University

  • Intermediate Fiction Writing Workshop
  • Legal Writing
  • Crafting the Short Story
  • Fiction Workshop: Invention and Revision

At San Diego State University (1987-89):

  • English 220 (Introduction to Literature)
  • English 280 (Introduction to Creative Writing)
  • English 500W (Advanced Composition)
  • English 509 (Introduction to the Teaching of Writing)
  • English 573 (Techniques of the Novel)
  • English 581W (The Writing of Fiction)
  • Tuition Fellowship, Stanford University, 1973-76
  • Graduate Tuition Fellowship, University of Arizona, 1982
  • Grant from University of Arizona Foundation to Fund Publication of Sonora Review, 1983
  • Meritorious Performance as a Teaching Assistant, University of Arizona Foundation, 1983
  • Nominee for FiveStar Faculty Award, Honors Program, University of Arizona, 1985, 1999
  • Second Prize, Teachers as Writers Creative Non-Fiction Contest, Arizona English Teachers Association, 1986
  • First Prize, O. Henry Festival Stories Competition, 1987
  • SemiFinalist, University of Iowa Press Short Fiction Awards, 1987
  • O. Henry Festival Stories Competition, 1989
  • Semifinalist, PEN/Syndicated Fiction Competition, 1990
  • O. Henry Festival Stories Competition, 1991
  • Honorable Mention, American Fiction '91, 1991
  • Outstanding Contribution to Minority Student Education, University of Arizona Office of Minority Student Affairs, 1992
  • Grants from Extended University Multicultural Summer Programs Committee to fund Writers Series, "Writers in the University and Community: Multicultural Perspectives," 1992-1997
  • First Prize, O. Henry Festival Stories Competition, 1993
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Distinguished Leadership Award, University of Arizona, 1992
  • Outstanding Service Award, Center for Transfer Students, University of Arizona, 1992-93
  • Award for Excellence, University of Arizona Staff Advisory Council, 1994
  • APEX Apple Award, APEX Early Outreach Program, 1996
  • Distinguished Achievement in Humanities Outreach and Education, College of Humanities, 1997 (awarded to University Composition Board)
  • First Place (tie), Teachers as Writers Fiction Contest, Arizona English Teachers Association, 1999
  • Composition Program Advisory Committee, University of Arizona, 19821987, 19891995, 1996-1998, 1999-2000
  • Committee to Revise Honors Curriculum in Freshman Composition, 1983
  • Graduate Student Representative to Creative Writing Program, 1982-83
  • Graduate Student Representative to English Department Council, 1983-84
  • Chair, Committee to Revise Evaluation Procedures for First-Year Teachers, 1985
  • Chair, Textbook Selection Committee for Freshman Composition, 1986
  • Chair, Syllabus Committee for Freshman Composition, 1986-87
  • State of Arizona Language Arts Textbook Committee (Grades K8), Arizona Department of Education, 1986
  • Co-Chair, Task Force to Revise Library Skills Program and Workbook for First- Year Composition, 1987
  • Creative Writing Committee, Department of English, San Diego State University, 1987-1989
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration Committee, University of Arizona, 1990-1993
  • Graduate Writing Initiative Committee, Graduate College, University of Arizona, 1991-93
  • Commission on Critical Thinking and Learning Strategies, University of Arizona, 1992
  • Intercollegiate Writing Committee (ex officio), University of Arizona, 1992-2000 (Chair of Subcommittee to Evaluate UDWPE)
  • Faculty of Humanities Strategic Long-Range Planning Committee, 1993-94
  • Dean's Academic Advisory Committee, College of Humanities, 1994-96 (Diversity, Strategic Planning, and GAT Issues Subcommittees)
  • Provost's Core Curriculum Planning Committee, 1994-95 (Skills Team, Alternative Delivery Sub-Team)
  • Appointed Personnel Organization Council, 1995-96
  • Task Force on the Undergraduate Writing Experience, Office of Undergraduate Education, 1996
  • Search Committee for Associate Director, Minority Student Services, University Learning Center, 1996 English Department Council, 1995-97
  • English 101 Curriculum Committee, 1997
  • Self-Study Committee, Academic Program Review, Department of English, 1997-98
  • Search Committee for Assistant Director, APEX Early Outreach Program, 1998
  • Search Committee for Associate Director, University Teaching Center, 1998
  • Upper-Division Writing-Proficiency Exam Revision Committee, 1998-99
  • Search Committee for Associate Dean/Director, Department of Multicultural Programs and Services, Dean of Students Office, 1999
  • Search Committee for Assistant Director of Development and External Affairs, College of Humanities, 1999


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  • "Minkoff's Wife" also appears in O. Henry Festival Stories 1987, TransVerse Press, April, 1987
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  • "The Workshop Elf," Writing on the Edge, Volume 12, Number 2, Spring/Summer 2001


  • "Bar Mitzvah Lessons," In Praise of Pedagogy: Poems, Flash Fiction, and Essays on Composing, edited by Wendy Bishop and David Starkey, Calendar Island Publishers, 2000


  • Laughing Matters, Pearson Longman, 2009
  • Crafting Fiction: In Theory, In Practice (with Clyde Moneyhun), Mayfield/McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, 2001
  • Living Languages: Contexts for Reading and Writing (with Nancy Buffington and Clyde Moneyhun), Blair Press of Prentice Hall, 1997
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  • "Aristotle and the Declaration of Independence," (with Clyde Moneyhun), in Literature: News That Stays News, edited by Candy Carter, NCTE, 1984
  • Commentary on Three Student Essays, in A Student's Guide to Freshman Composition, eighth edition, edited by Stacey Shropshire, et al, Bellwether Press, 1987


  • A Teacher's Guide to Freshman Composition (with Moneyhun, 1982; with Johnson and Moneyhun, 1983; with Malone and Johnson, 1984; and with Shropshire and Malone, 1985), Inhouse Publication,
  • Composition Program, University of Arizona "Recommended Reading List for CollegeBound High School Students," (with Johnson), Publication of Outreach Program, University of Arizona, 1985

Journal Articles

  • "Questions for a Reader/Critic," (with Duane Roen and Clyde Moneyhun), The Writing Instructor, Spring, 1984
  • "Aristotle in the Composition Classroom," (with Clyde Moneyhun), Arizona English Bulletin, Volume 26, No. 2, Winter, 1984
  • "Hermeneutics From the Inside Out," Arizona English Bulletin, Volume 27, No. 3, SpringSummer, 1985
  • "Transactional Evaluation: The Right Question at the Right Time," (with Duane Roen and Clyde Moneyhun), Journal of Teaching Writing, Volume 5, No. 1, Spring, 1986
  • "Creating the Profession: GAT Training Programs," (with Duane Roen and Jan Swearingen), Writing Program Administration, Volume 10, Numbers 12, FallWinter, 1986
  • "The CTeam," (with Duane Roen), Teaching English in the TwoYear College, Volume 14, Number 2, May, 1987
  • "CCCC: Voices in the Parlor," (with six cowriters), Rhetoric Review, Volume 7, Number 1, Fall, 1988
  • "The Rhetoric of Blues" (song lyrics), included in Making and Unmaking the Prospects of Rhetoric, proceedings of the Rhetoric Society of America conference, Erlbaum, 1997


  • Review of Hearts, by Hilma Wolitzer, and A Philip Roth Reader, by Philip Roth, in Sonora Review, Number 2, Fall, 1981
  • Review of The Phototropic Woman, by Annabel Thomas, in Sonora Review, Number 3, Spring, 1982


  • "On Being On Base," Arizona English Bulletin, Volume 28, No. 3, Spring, 1986

Edited Journals

  • Sonora Review Fiction Editor (Numbers 3 and 4);
  • Managing Editor (Numbers 5 and 6) Arizona English Bulletin
  • Guest Editor (with Clyde Moneyhun), Volume 27, Number 3, SpringSummer, 1985; Issue Theme: Teaching Literature and Creative Writing Faculty Advisor for Pacific Review, 1989


  • "The Uses of Published Student Writing," Conference on College Composition and Communication, New York, March, 1984
  • "The Interpretive Community in the Composition Classroom," CCCC, Minneapolis, March, 1985
  • "Two Curricular Strategies for Creating the Interpretive Community," Wyoming Conference on Freshman and Sophomore Composition, Laramie, June, 1985
  • "Towards Models of Advanced Composition: Bergson's Theory of Laughter," CCCC, Atlanta, March, 1987
  • "Heteroglossia and Standards of Literacy: Consequences for Composition," Wyoming Conference on English, June, 1987
  • "Hermeneutic Potential and the Epistemology Gap," Speech Communication Association Conference (panel sponsored by International Society for the History of Rhetoric), Boston, November, 1987
  • "Politics and the Voices of CCCC: Language, Awareness, and Reform" (panel discussion), CCCC, St. Louis, March, 1988
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  • "The Board and the Dammed: A Case Study in the Forms and Value of Service," WPA Summer Conference, Oxford, Ohio, August, 1996
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  • "Portfolios from F to S: Writing Your Way from First-Year to Senior Year at the University of Arizona," NCTE Southwest Regional Conference, Mesa, October, 1996
  • "Writing Center Satellites and WAC: To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before," Rocky Mountain MLA, Albuquerque, October, 1996
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  • "The Full Service Writing Program in the Full Service English Department in the Full Service Research University," Council of Writing Program Administrators Annual Summer Conference, Tucson, July, 1998
  • "Humanizing the Invisible Process: Portfolios, Placement, and Assessment," University Composition Board panel, CCCC, Atlanta, March 1999
  • "Narrative Writing and Rhetorical Effectiveness: Generating Proofs from Experience," Stories in the Classroom: Narration as Knowledge, NCTE Regional Conference, Tucson, April 1999
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  • "Another Turn, Another Revolution: Current-Traditional Comic Rhetoric and the Rise of Boomer Humor," CCCC, San Francisco, March, 2005


  • "Better Writing Assignments and Better Assessment of Writing," Arizona English Teachers Association Conference, Prescott, October, 1983
  • "Creating Writing Assignments: The Topic Is Not Enough," AETA, Phoenix, October, 1984
  • "Assessing Student Writing," (seminar leader), Arizona State University High School/College Articulation Conference, Tempe, April, 1985
  • "Responding to Student Writing: The Transactional Approach,
  • " AETA, Tucson, October, 1985
  • "Creating the Interpretive Community in the Composition Classroom," (workshop leader), AETA, Tucson, October, 1985
  • "The Rhetorical Uses of Laughter," Gila/Pinal English Teachers Conference, Central Arizona College, Coolidge, February, 1986
  • "Approaches to Literacy," Conference on Improving Writing in Arizona Schools and Colleges, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, July, 1986
  • "Revising English 101 at the University of Arizona," AETA, Scottsdale, October, 1986
  • "Writing From Experience Into Understanding," (workshop leader), AETA, Scottsdale, October, 1986
  • "Prose Style: That Old Black Magic or Window on the World," Gila/Pinal English Teachers Conference, Central Arizona College, Coolidge, February, 1987
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  • "Multicultural Education and the Attack on Political Correctness," AETA, Coolidge, February, 1992
  • "Inventing Education: An Integrated Program in Reading, Writing, and Researching the Text of the University," AETA, Chandler, November, 1992
  • "Composing the Postmodern Self: Screening the Si(gh)t(uation)e of Creativity," AETA, Chandler, October, 1993
  • "Exploring the Writer Within," National Organization for Human Service Education, Tucson, October, 1994
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  • "You Are Now: Simultaneity and Synchronicity in Narrative Writing," AETA, Apache Junction, October, 1999


  • "Student Writing as Model Writing," Articulation Conference, University of Arizona, March, 1983
  • "Current Composition Research and Classroom Applications," Articulation Conference, University of Arizona, February, 1985
  • "Grammar and Usage in Journalism, New Journalism, and BellesLettres," Editing Program for Minority Journalists, University of Arizona, June, 1985
  • "Prose Style in Journalism and Academia," Editing Program for Minority Journalists, University of Arizona, June, 1986
  • "Revising English 101," Articulation Conference, University of Arizona, March, 1987
  • "Standard English," Editing Program for Minority Journalists, University of Arizona, June, 1987
  • "Evaluating Student Writing," GTA Orientation, Department of English, San Diego State, January and August, 1988
  • "Gender and Usage: Who's In Charge Here," Editing Program for Minority Journalists, University of Arizona, June, 1990
  • "NonSexist Language," Graduate College/UTC Orientation Program, University of Arizona, August, 1990
  • "Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Heroic Uses of Language,"(moderator), University of Arizona, January, 1991
  • "Developing Multicultural Perspectives in the Composition Classroom," Project/IMPACT Diversity Conference, April, 1991
  • "Voice in Fiction," Southern Arizona Writing Project, June, 1993
  • "A Short History of Style," Editing Program for Minority Journalists, July, 1993
  • "Notes on Jewish Humor," Hillel Foundation, Graduate and Young Professionals Speakers Series, November, 1993
  • "Classical Rhetoric and Legal Writing," Tucson City Attorney's Office, Continuing Legal Education Program, December, 1993
  • "Weaving Voices: Multiculturalism and the Craft of Fiction,
  • " TUSD Multicultural Education Conference, April, 1994
  • "Grammar, Style, and the Magic of Rhetoric," Editing Program for Minority Journalists, June, 1994-1999
  • "Strategies for Writing and Teaching Fiction," Southern Arizona Writing Project, June, 1996
  • "How Do We Read? Analyzing Texts," Tucson English Teachers, February, 1998
  • "Reading and Writing Fiction in the English Classroom," Department of English Spring Conference, February, 1998
  • "Creativity and Commonplaces: A Rhetoric for Fiction Writers," Fundamental Controversies in Composition and Rhetoric Conference, November, 1998
  • "Why Theory? What Theory? How Theory?", Department of English Spring Conference, February, 1999
  • Writers at Work, Tucson, March, 1981
  • Living Writers Series, San Diego, November, 1988
  • Writers at Work, Judges Reading, Tucson, May, 1992
  • Sonora Review InsomniYakathon, Tucson, February, 1994
  • Stanford Continuing Studies Faculty Reading, Stanford, April, 2001
  • Outreach visits to school districts in the state of Arizona to discuss writing with students and faculty
  • Inservice orientation/workshop for Ares Fellows (legal writing tutors), University of Arizona College of Law
  • Cofounder and facilitator of Graduate Writing Improvement Program, University of Arizona Graduate
  • College Inservice workshops on the writing process and writing across the curriculum for university, community college, and K12 faculty
  • Writing Seminar for College of St. Francis Health Arts Program
  • Textbook and textbook proposal reviews for St. Martin's Press, MacMillan, Harper Collins, Oxford University Press, D.C. Heath, Holt Rinehart, Prentice Hall, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Mayfield Press, Blair Press
  • Listed in Directory of Poets & Writers, Inc.
  • Coordinator, Teachers as Writers Contest, Arizona English Teachers Association
  • Judge, Writers at Work Fiction Contest, University of Arizona Creative Writing Program
  • Judge, ACT-SO Competition, Tucson Chapter, NAACP
  • Judge, NCTE Achievement Awards in Writing
  • Judge, Student's Guide to First-Year Composition Essay Contest
  • Reader and Table Leader, Educational Testing Service, SAT-W Essay Exam
  • Editorial Boards of WPA Journal and InReview
  • Associated Writing Programs
  • Conference on College Composition and Communication
  • National Council of Teachers of English
  • Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition
  • Council of Writing Program Administrators
  • Poets & Writers, Inc.
  • Rhetoric Society of America
  • Modern Language Association
  • International Writing Centers Association