Michael C. Frank

David and Lucile Packard Professor of Human Biology
Director, Symbolic Systems Program

Stanford University
Jordan Hall, Room 420-278
450 Serra Mall
Stanford, CA 94305
mcfrank at stanford dot edu

Office hours Mon 2-4: Sign up here

Blog: babieslearninglanguage.blogspot.com

Twitter: @mcxfrank

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Curriculum Vitae [PDF]

Research Interests [PDF]

How do we learn to communicate using language? I study children's language learning and how it interacts with their developing understanding of the social world. I am interested in bringing larger datasets to bear on these questions and use a wide variety of methods including eye-tracking, tablet experiments, and computational models. Recent work in my lab has focused on data-oriented approaches to development, including the creation of large datasets like Wordbank and MetaLab. I also have a strong interest in replication, reproducibility, and open science; some of our research addresses these topics. Here is a formal, third-person bio.

Representative Publications

PDFs and code, data, and materials for all my papers are available at my lab's website. You can also browse on my Google Scholar profile.