3000 BC: A Scientific Index, sorted by chronological time

Note: Years given are calendar years BC or BCE (radiocarbon years have been converted.)

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13000 Global, End of Ice Age (warmer)
10500 Global, Younger Dryas (colder)
9500 Global, Younger Dryas (warmer)
8100 Global, Severe cold snap (colder)
8000  Eden in Egypt (warm)
6200 Greenland, Donnelly Atlantis (cold)
6000 mesopotamia, Mesopotamia delta (sea level)
5000 Global, GISP2 team, the latest from (cold)
4850 California, Warmest time, (bristlecone pines,) (warm)
4500 Territorial control and mound building (warm)
4000 Ireland, Irish elm decline (cold)
4000 Europe, Atlantic hypsithermal (warm)
4000  Holocene delta development worldwide (sea level)
4000 Mesopotamia, Mesopotamia delta (sea level)
4000 Mesopotamia, Sea level, Persian Gulf (sea level)
3700 Mesopotamia, Burrows' flood, (flood)
3600 California, Central coast (warm, dry)
3500 Europe, Upper treeline in alps (cold)
3500 Europe, Early agriculture (archeology)
3500  Han River delta (sea level)
3500 China, Han River delta (sea level)
3500 Fiji, Fiji sea level (sea level)
3500 Mesopotamia, Leonard Woolley's flood (flood)
3500 Morocco, Arid interval (dry)
3500 mesopotamia, Tigris and Euphrates alluvial plain (sea level)
3500 Global, Holocene delta development worldwide (sea level)
3500 South Carolina, South Carolina sea level (sea level)
3400 Egypt, Pharoah Sneferu at Meydum (archeology)
3400 Mississippi, Mississippi delta (flood)
3300 Europe, Belgian coast (sea level)
3300 Global, July summer cooling, Soviet Union (cold)
3300 California, Mid Holocene wet (warm, cold)
3300 California, San Francisquito Bay (sea level)
3270 New England, Elm collapse (cold)
3250 Europe, Piora oscillation, Europe (flood)
3250 Europe, Newgrange start (archeology)
3250 Global, Atmospheric methane (cold, warm)
3250 Global, Sulfate in GISP2 (cold)
3250 Global, Stormy weather (flood)
3250 Egypt, Egypt Nile delta (sea level)
3250 New England, Hemlock decline New England (cold)
3250 Florida, Pine bursts (cold)
3250 Peru, Huascaran glacier (cold)
3250 California, Santa Barbara basin off the coast (cold)
3212 Europe, French coastal megaliths (archeology)
3200 Ireland, Cessair (flood myth)
3200 Mesopotamia, Tigris-Euphratres (warm, dry)
3200 Missouri', Pomme de Terre River (flood)
3199 Europe, Irish oaks (cold)
3190 Global, Heckla eruption, Iceland (cold)
3160 California, Sunnyvale girl (archeology)
3150 Europe, Iceman of the Alps (cold)
3150 Global, Sulphate spike (cold)
3150 Greenland, Camp Century, Greenland (cold)
3150 Global, Paleoclimatic flood, global (flood)
3150 Turkey, Lake Van Oscillation (flood)
3150 USA, SW, SW US flood peak (flood)
3113 Mexico, Mayan recreation (flood myth)
3110 China, Yangtze River (flood)
3100 Europe, Stonehenge (start) (archeology)
3100 Greenland, GISP ice core (warm, cold, warm)
3100 Egypt, Egypt, Unification (archeology)
3100 Nebraska, Republican River, (flood)
3100 California, Sierra cooling (cold)
3100 USA, End of alluvial period (dry, warm)
3100 Boston, Sticks from fish wier (warm, cold, sea level)
3090 Egypt, Egypt, Nile (flood)
3075 Ireland, Newgrange Megalithic Tomb (archeology)
3075 Ireland, Newgrange Megalithic Tomb (archeology)
3050 Europe, Brittany coast emerges (sea level)
3050 Greenland, Methane peak, (cold)
3050 Canada, Devon Island (cold)
3020 California, Stanford Man II (archeology)
3001 Israel, Mt. Sedom (warm, flood)
3000 Europe, Carnac Megaliths (archeology)
3000 Europe, Wooden tracks (archeology)
3000 China, Tibet, Sumxi Lake (warm, dry)
3000 Peru, Onset of ENSO (warm, flood)
3000 Global, Radiocarbon base has tripled (archeology)
3000 Global, Sea level stillstands (sea level)
3000 Mesopotamia, Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age (archeology)
3000 Mesopotamia, Sumerians in Mesopotamia (archeology)
3000 Israel, Ancient Egyptians in Palestine (archeology)
3000 Sahara, Canoes and elephants (warm)
3000 Egypt, Sumerian influences on Egypt (archeology)
3000 Louisiana, Native American mounds (archeology)
3000 USA, W, General wetting Western U.S (dry, warm)
3000 California, Bristlecone pines (cold)
3000 Wyoming, Ancient French Trapper (archeology)
3000 Oregon, Diamond Pond, (dry, warm)
3000 California, California hunter-gath transition (archeology)
2970 Europe, Floods in Netherlands (flood)
2900 Global, Huang Ho River (flood)
2900 Mesopotamia, Mesopotamian flood (flood)
2800 Mesopotamia, The Flood and Noah's Ark (flood)
2800 California, Summer warming, (warm)
2700 Mesopotamia, Gilgamesh, king of Uruk (archeology)
2700 Nevada, Woodrat midden, (dry, cold)

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