The Book of Sullivan

The original Book of Sullivans was last seen in the early nineteenth century. Hundreds of Sullivans have assisted in recreating the chronology (years AD or BC) here. See recent additions 

Sullivan the Celt

Sullivan roots are found in the Celtic lands of central Europe.

-50000: First humans anatomically similar to today (sullchron)
-13000: End of Ice Age
-7000: First settlers in Ireland (sullchron)
-6000: Celtic Nose Length
-4000: Irish elm decline (sullchron)
-3212: French coastal megaliths (sullchron)
-3199: Irish oaks show sharp chill
-3190: Heckla eruption, Iceland (sullchron)
-3150: Iceman of the Alps
-3113: Mayan Creation date (sullchron)
-3100: Stonehenge foundations dug ()
-3075: Newgrange Megalithic Tomb ()
-3000: Carnac Megaliths (sullchron)
-3000: Cessair arrives in Ireland
-2700: Gilgamesh, King of Uruk (sullchron)
-2500: Partholon Arrives in Ireland (mythological)
-2400: Climatic disturbance; meteor impact? (SIS)
-2000: First Nemed invasion (mythological)
-1680: Santorini eruption ()
-1500: Fir Bolg (possibly the Belgae of NW Gaul, per Julius Caesar) (mythological)
-1400: Goidels at Exodus: Irish help Israelites to escape Egypt
-1263: Heber and Heremon (Keating)
-1000: Tuatha de Danann (mythological)
-500: Galicia: Milesian home?
-390: Pull Beards of Roman Senate
-335: Asks Celtic Chief's Fears
-300: Sons of Mil (from Spain, possibly Helvetians or Celt-Iberians)
-259: Egyptian revolt of Celts
-189: No Casual Sex
-100: Calls Gauls Bombastic
-50: Early Munster Settlers

Sullivan Arrives from Spain

Ancient stories suggest that Sullivan arrived in Ireland from Iberia in the early first millenium. Archaeological study of Iberian culture suggests that this may be a fact.

200: Owen (Eoghan) More, celebrated king of Munster, father of Oliol (Williams)
200: Ascendancy of Eoganacht ancestors of Sullivans
200: AD 47th Oliol Ollum, son of Princess Beara, father of Eoghan, founder of Sullivan line
375: Niall of the nine hostages (Keating)
450: Saint Patrick arrives in Ireland (Keating)
575: Finghin founds O'Sullivan line, younger brother founds McCarthy line (Keating)
600: Fingan, son of Aodh Dubh, King of Munster (Williams)
750: Convert Heathens
950: Suildhubhain the blackeyed p114, generation 101 from adam (sull/burk)
1027: Brian Boru (Keating)
1050: Saint Bridget (sullchron)
1100: Gerald of Wales

Sullivan in the Age of Mac Beth

An eye for an eye.
1123: O'Suilleabhain [and others] deposed; Tadhg son of Muireadach MacCarthaigh, and Cormac son of MacCarthaigh, his own brother, took the kingship from them in (McCarthy,)
1176: MacRaith O Suilleabhain defends Mac Carthaigh King of Munster
1193: Normans force Sullivans form Knockgraffan to Cork and Kerry (Williams)
1200: Rift between Sullivan, McCarthy (O'Murchadha)
1209: Sullivan kills McCarthy with axe over division of spoils (O'Murchadha)
1209: A hosting by Finghin [MacCartaaigh]... and there was a
1214: Sullivan boys killed by McCarthy (O'Murchadha)
1214: Diarmaid [MacCarthaigh] treacherously killed the whole family of Domhnail Mor O Suilleabhain .. on the advice of many (McCarhty)
1253: Alinn O'Sullivan, Bishop of Lismore, dies (Four Masters)
1280: Sullivan unites with McCarthy against Normans (O'Murchadha)
1317: Sullivans rebel against \mcCarthy, except Flanns; break up into (O'Murchadha)
1320: The monastery of Bantry, in O'Sullivan's country, in the bishopric of Ross was founded by O'Sullivan from Franciscan Friars. In this monastery (Four Masters)
1350: Sullivans displace Driscolls (O'Murchadha)
1398: MacCarthy gave a great overthrow to the family of the O'Sullivans, killed O'Sullivan the Bold, and the two sons of O'Sullivan, the Great (Four Masters)
1404: A war broke out between MacCarthy and O'Sullivan Boy. (Four Masters)
1404: War between McCarthy and Sullivan, Sullivan drowned (O'Murchadha)
1411: O'Sullivan More was treacherously taken prisoner, and blinded, and his son killed, by Donnell Duv. O'Sullivan. (Four Masters)
1451: Dermot, the son of Teige, son of Cormac MacCarthy, was (Four Masters)
1460: Franciscan friary at Bantry founded by first titled Sullivan Bear (O'Murchadha)
1485: O'Sullivan Bear, i.e., Donnell, died (fn Beare, an ancient territory, now a barony in the southwest of Cork. This, as well as the adjoining barony (Four Masters)
1550: 1550: O'Sullivan (Dermot), a kind and friendly man (to his friends) and Fierre and inimical (to his enemies), was burned by gunpowder in his own castle (Four Masters)
1557: Clever Phrases Much Esteemed
1561: Donal O Sullivan born (berleth)
1562: Shane O'Neil visits london (new history)
1564: Pirate Haydon, married ot O'Sullivan's sister, has hq @ bearhaven, dunboy. P303 (o'murcada)
1564: O'Sullivan Beare was slain by a bad man, namely MacGiilicuddy (Four Masters)
1565: McCarthy mor made earl of clancarthy, surrender and regrant (somerville-ross)
1565: Owen visits england with clancarty (o'murcada)
1565: Owen goes over to English, becomes knight. goes to london (berleth)
1568: O'Sullivan useth long gallies p 726 (cusak)
1569: Humphrey Gilbert, pacification of munster (bottigheimer)
1569: Fitzmaurice rebellion- religious controversy starts (bottigheimer)
1570: Elizabeth excommunicated (bottigheimer)

Elizabethan Conquest of Sullivan Lands:

The conquest of Ireland by the English takes place over the next three decades 1570-1600 and ushers in a century in which traditional Sullivan culture is rooted out by English settlers and landlords. Many Sullivans leave the country for adventure and military service in foreign countries, while others remain at home and endured a fractious relationship with their English masters.

1571: Macarthy resumes title of maccarthy, act of contempt toward english p733 (cusak)
1571: First Desmond rebellion (berleth)
1572: Owen imprisoned in limerick; robin hood escaspe p305 (o'murcada)
1573: Desmond returns from prison-fence straddles (bottigheimer)
1574: Desmond raids maccarthy more p734 (cusak)
1575: Fitzmaurice escapes (bottigheimer)
1575: Sidney in Cork; attended by clacare; desmond loyalty dubious;p 730 (cusak)
1575: Sidney doesn't trust macsweeney pledges p 295 (o'murcada)
1576: Sidneys mission to munster, macsweeney submits p 101 (new history)
1576: Scots mercenaries in Cork p 101 (new history)
1576: Macsweeney executed with banner p 296 (o'murcada)
1578: McCarthy and desmond dispute lands, almost fight p 731 (cusak)
1579: Desmond burns Youghal; ormond v. munster rebels; grey lands (new hist viii)
1579: Fitzmaurice arrivies smerwick p 105 (new history)
1579: Desmond murders english party at tralee p 738 (cusak)
1579: Captain Zouch p 20; Owen beaten by gilbert p 65 (somerville)
1579: Peter White's school Waterford p138,563 (new history)
1580: Smerwick nov 10; sir james captured, executed oct 3 (new hist viii)
1580: Spenser in Ireland (sullchron)
1580: English atttacking desmond, o'Sullivan submits p107; grey "fear not (new history)
1580: Donal took no part in desmond rebellion (bacam)
1580: James sussex of the geraldines seized by queens maccarthy at cork, executed (cusak)
1580: Eugene o'Sullivan chief of Beare put in prison for war duration p23 (o'sullivan)
1580: Lord deputy plunders as far as dingle, takes "Sullivan beare hostage p742 (cusak)
1580: Daniel ravaged english with stones p 26 (o'sullivan)
1580: Maccarthy taking english side against the rebels p744 (cusak)
1580: Sack of Munster
1580: Dermot commands infantry of bear (o'sullivan)
1580: A Native View of O'Sullivan
1580: Desmond rebellion ends 79-84 (berleth)
1580: 30,000 die in Munster (berleth)
1581: Smerwick massacre (bottigheimer)
1581: O'Donovan cattle raid (bacam)
1581: Rising of kavanaughs, o'connors, o'mores; sanders dies (new hist viii)
1581: Sanders dies; tribal warfare (berleth)
1581: Raleigh captures Lord Roche p760 (cusak)
1581: Annals say that Capt Zouch sends macsweeney and o'donovan to carberry to plunder o'Sullivan beare suul w/50 kills 300 (four masters)
1582: Sir John of desmond killed; pardon proclamation munster (new hist viii)
1582: Cap Zouch kills john desmond (cusak)
1582: Zouch gets john p190. famine and plague (berleth)
1582: Famine even in munster towns-70 die per day in cork (new history)
1583: Desmond killed (new history)
1583: Gilbert drowns sept 9; o'hurley arrested, tortured; desmond killed (new hist viii)
1583: Owen o'sull comes in from gerald p 205 (berleth)
1584: General peace after desmond war (cusak)
1584: Perrot returns (new history)
1584: bishop o'hurley executed (new history)
1584: Survey of desmond lands (bottigheimer)
1584: O'hurley executed; norris president munster; survey munster (new hist viii)
1586: Thady o'sull sheltered by owen p 44 (o'sullivan)
1586: munster planatation on macsheey/desmond lands (bottigheimer)
1587: doanl chalenges uncle (berleth)
1587: donal challenges uncle; case lasts rtwo years p23 (somerville-ross)
1588: Earl of Clancar claims: Rising Out, 50 Gallowglass, the Giving of the Rod, (sutro)
1588: 1588 Florence Maccarthy marrries Earl of Clancarty's daughter
1588: munster plantation establushed 2 yrs (new history)
1588: armada (new history)
1588: owen marries daushgters to clancarty illeg son and knight of kerry son (o'murcada)
1588: Florence Maccarthy story p811 (cusak)
1589: Florence McCarthy jilts Julia O'Sullivan, daughter of Owen. Sir Nicholas Browne (sutro)
1593: Donal gets title at Mallow p 23 (somerville-ross)
1593: Owen's son-in law tries to kill Owen's oldest son (o'murcada)
1594: Owen implicated in desmond rebellion (new history)
1594: Donal Cam, florence maccarthy and o'neil allied (o'murcada)
1595: Donal revolts (new history)
1596: Earl of Clancarthy dies (somerville-ross)
1598: Essex, rebellion, munster overrrun (bottigheimer)

Exile and Wandering

Many Sullivans leave Ireland for adventure and military service in foreign countries, while others remained at home and endured a fractious relationship with their English masters.

1600: Sir owen's son, sir owen fights on side of english against Donal (somerville-ross)
1600: florence macarthy "comes in" (new history)
1601: Spanish land at Kinsale.
1602: The March of O'Sullivan Beare
1603: Donal O'Sullivan's march (sullchron)
1605: one of Owen's sons a page w/ king james; 2 brothers in spain (o'murcada)
1618: Dermot O'Sullivan Beare murdered in Spain (sullchron)
1618: Donal O'Sullivan Beare Dies (sullchron)
1618: Murdered with Rosary
1633: Diarmaid o'Sullivan copies florence maccarthy's book. P55 (o'murcada)
1633: Mac Carthaigh's Book, DA 905 03 compiled for (McCarhty)
1650: Daniel More 38th from Eogan More, (Keating)
1650: Eoghan is 46th after Heber(Keating p228) (Keating)
1650: MacFirbis' Book of Genealogies
1692: Birth of Owen, #23 after genealogy p 90; 1692-23*30=992 (sull/burke)
1699: Steals bread from window sill
1709: Poet O Rathaille (sullchron)
1714: Joseph Sullivan hanged at Newgate.
1714: John Suulivan executed. (sullchron)
1723: Master John Sullivan says his family will never see or hear from him again after he (sull/burke)
1724: Litigiousness of Ensign Alferes Juan Julian O'Sulivan
1735: Master John Sullivan advises Margery that he would like to marry her see p 26 (sull/burke)
1735: Master John in New England
1736: Master John Sullivan marries Margaret (or 1723???) (sull/burke)
1739: John O'Sullivan of Kerry a "fat, well-fed seminarian"
1739: John O Sullivan at Corsica (sullchron)
1740: General John Sullivan born (sullchron)
1743: New Hampshire Wife Seeks Husband, Begs for Return
1744: James Sullivan born (sull/burke)
1745: bonny prince charlie; sir john Sullivan, who fou (sullchron)
1745: Sings "God Save the King"
1745: 1745 Lord Chesterfield lord-lieutenant of Irelan (sullchron)
1750: Morty Sullivan (sullchron)
1751: Darmod's Boddy and Memory
1752: John William Sullivan (sullchron)
1752: Letter from Cambray, France
1753: Eben Sullivan fights indians, p 16 (sull/burke)
1756: LORD Have Mercy; Last Words of Owen
1756: 1756 Sullivan, Great Hulking Brute
1756: Morty Oge O'Sullivan towed headless to Cork
1758: Young John, A carribean Fantasy
1760: Hard Drinking
1760: Another Letter, Pitiable
1760: Barry Lyndon beats tom sull, Captain Freeny (sullchron)
1765: Success in New Hampshire
1765: Agreement between john and father p 42 (sull/burke)
1775: Master john studies french at 80+ p9 (sull/burke)
1775: Daniel; Gives Life for English Master
1776: Charms Abigail Adams, But Not Her Husband
1776: Studies French in Eighties
1777: Throws Soup on Native Americans
1777: Reprimand from G. Washington
1777: Borgoynes captive army including irish back from (sullchron)
1778: Sergeant Thomas Sullivan Deserts
1778: Poet Owen O'Sullivan (sullchron)
1778: Ailments of General John Sullivan
1779: john Sullivan defeatws iroqois (sullchron)
1781: john Sullivan's intrigues, brother daniel, wooed (sullchron)
1783: Captain Sullivan & Lady Courtney
1784: Poet Owen O'Sullivan
1784: General John Sullivan writng to ireland for genealogy p 71 (sull/burke)
1784: Thomas Herbert Sullivan leaves for Holland after (sullchron)
1790: Gen John (sullchron)
1790: Robbery Warrants for Owen and Tuige Sullivan of DromSullivan
1790: General, Retired, Sums Career
1792: Drown Aged Priests
1795: death of Master John Sullivan p51 (sull/burke)
1795: gen john Sullivan d (sullchron)
1795: Death of Master John
1796: 1796 m john dies at 104 (sull/burke)
1797: Dennis Sullivan Hanged
1800: Sullivan among the Blackfeet
1802: Last Seen Remnants of the Book of Sullivan
1809: A Visit to Finin Duibh
1809: Poets Competition
1810: Chews Flesh, Wife Cleans Teeth with Jacknife
1810: samuel Sullivan brother of mortimer converts to (sullchron)
1817: James Forester Sullivan Spanish Am war b (sullchron)
1820: Governor Sullivan Names Indianapolis
1821: barry Sullivan b (sullchron)
1824: mortimer Sullivans captain rock (sullchron)
1825: Sullivans to Canada
1825: mortimer 0'Sullivan converts to protestantism (sullchron)
1827: tim dan Sullivanof cork b (sullchron)
1827: Cherokee Sullivan Born
1828: Cornelius Melody's tavern; Touch of the Poet (sullchron)
1832: Another Emigrant
1834: Wexford Colony
1838: Marries Mexican Girl


Collapse of Ireland's principle food crop leads to famine and massive emigrationof Sullivans to the new world.

1845: James Forester Sullivan Spanish Am war (sullchron)
1845: Born in Tralee
1845: James Forester Sullivan Spanish Am war (sullchron)
1845: Stowed away
1846: A Revolutionary Soldier
1847: When at length we journey home..
1847: big wave of immigration for Sullivans (sullchron)
1847: alexander Sullivan b (sullchron)
1848: Sullivans to Oregon
1849: My Sullivans
1850: Old Dan Sullivan
1850: First Bicycle
1850: O'Sullivan Clan in Australia
1850: Loved Wild Blackfeet Indians
1851: Hawthorne writes Blithedale Romance on w newton (sullchron)
1853: James Forester Sullivan Spanish Am war to aus (sullchron)
1853: yankee Sullivan losses title- goes to ca; sh p41 (sullchron)
1855: Lineage of Sullivan's Hollow
1856: louis Sullivan b (sullchron)
1857: will Sullivan b (sullchron)
1858: john l Sullivan b (sullchron)
1858: John Lawrence Sullivan
1859: Lizzie Gets Married (a prediction of her future )
1859: Robert SULLIVAN in Australia
1859: John Sullivan 40 Julia O'Neil 19 Married
1860: Fenian Connections
1861: Hanged and buried (Or Hist Soc)
1862: The Eugene O'Sullivan's Fight for the North
1862: Timothy died Sullivan b (sullchron)
1863: He May Have Had 3 Families!
1864: Murdered at Cascades (Or Hist Soc)
1864: Accidentally shot himself (Or Hist Soc)
1864: Saloon Owner Hides Molly Mcguires
1865: timothy Sullivan, photographer (sullchron)
1866: anne Sullivan macy b (sullchron)
1867: Arrived in NYC
1867: ellen fitzgerald born ireland, kilorgan (sullchron)
1868: alan Sullivan, canadian writer b (sullchron)
1869: Daniel Sullivan of cork-inflammatory toast (sullchron)
1869: Cork mayor Sullivans inflammatory toast (sullchron)
1870: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later
1870: barry 50 (sullchron)
1870: Julia Sullivan
1871: For God's Sake Save the Piano, Catherine
1871: Richard Meehan born ireland (sullchron)
1872: Louis Sullivan's Delight
1872: Sir Edward 50 (sullchron)
1872: Fell from the cars (Or Hist Soc)
1873: "I'm Glad to be rid of the Place!"
1875: Pine Farm for boys, the Pest house at Angier sch (sullchron)
1875: marg sull born ireland (sullchron)
1875: Tom Sullivan attacks mex cattle rustlers (sullchron)
1875: Plays Hamlet 3500 Times
1875: Arrives in So. Glens Falls
1876: Down and Under, But Not Down and Out!!!!
1876: Alexander Sullivan murders man (sullchron)
1876: James Forester Sullivan Spanish Am wardied 59 (sullchron)
1877: Thrown from wagon (Or Hist Soc)
1877: Battle with Nez Perce Indians (Or Hist Soc)
1878: Murdered at Union (Or Hist Soc)
1879: Accidentally Killed
1880: John H. Sullivan at Hopi res (sullchron)
1881: Beaten, Killed
1881: Phoenix Family Man
1883: Shot at Mineral Creek
1883: Alexander Sullivan ir na le (sullchron)
1884: Jeremiah Sullivan among the hopis (sullchron)
1885: Otto O'Sullivan Knighted
1885: Cup that Cheers
1885: Richard Sullivan immigrates (sullchron)
1886: Presbyterian Minister
1886: Anne Sullivan macy perkins (sullchron)
1886: Sullivan or Sorohan?
1887: Marietta was born and orphaned
1888: John L. Sullivan ill after losing to Mitchell (sullchron)
1889: John L Loses to Kilrean (sullchron)
1890: Sullivans in Montana
1890: Norumbega eben horsford thinks Leif Erickson her (sullchron)
1890: Marg Sullivan immigrates (sullchron)
1891: mary sull bornboston (sullchron)
1891: barry Sullivandied 70 (sullchron)
1892: Joseph Sullivan
1892: Mary Sullivan born (sullchron)
1893: julia born (sullchron)
1893: Addio, 1892!
1894: Crooked Pol Turns Fifty
1894: Hit by Falling Brick
1895: Please Help
1895: Satin, Lace, and Diamonds
1895: alexander 50 (sullchron)
1895: Builds House on RR Tracks
1897: Ellen Sullivan works days washing Somerville nig (sullchron)
1897: uncle james born (sullchron)
1898: One Last Visit Home
1899: Thomas russell 50 (sullchron)

Sullivan Established in the New World

Following several waves of emigration in the mid to late nineteenth century, Sullivan begins to establish himself in the big cities of America.

1900: Timothy died Sullivan czar (sullchron)
1900: anne Sullivan macy (sullchron)
1900: Big Tim Sullivan
1900: James Sullivan, boxer rebellion (sullchron)
1900: Baseball in Muncie, Indiana
1900: William Sullivan senator (sullchron)
1900: Giving Away The ''0"
1900: big tim Sullivan woos jews and establishes corru (sullchron)
1901: Prize baby (Or Hist Soc)
1901: Elopement. (Or Hist Soc)
1901: Two Visitors
1901: Louis Sullivan kind chats (sullchron)
1902: Great Bend, PA Sullivans
1902: Great Grandfather Disappeared
1902: Nora Born
1902: Harry Stack Sullivan born (sullchron)
1902: Frank 50 san francsico (sullchron)
1902: Timothydied Sullivan congress (sullchron)
1904: John Darias Sullivan
1905: Broods Over Lack of Work
1905: Two Dead in Rhyolite Shootout
1905: Marries Quint
1905: 10/28 wm born (sullchron)
1905: mary sull works in brush factory (sullchron)
1905: John L. Sullivan reformed (sullchron)
1905: Louis Sullivan's decline (sullchron)
1905: John L. Sullivan quits drinking 3/4/05 (sullchron)
1905: tim danTim Dan (sullchron)
1905: 10/28 wm meehan born (sullchron)
1906: Gene O'Neill/Montauk Inn (sullchron)
1906: The Making of a Union Man
1907: Only sad tales to tell
1908: John L. (sullchron)
1909: The Good Old Boy
1910: Louis Sullivan, Sad Letter
1910: Bricks Don't Click!
1910: E W O'Sullivan, australia politicinan (sullchron)
1910: Wild Bill of Sullivan's Hollow
1910: 9/13 mother born (sullchron)
1911: Mary Sullivan!?!?
1914: James Sullivan, Santo Domingo scandal (sullchron)
1915: Marries Gertrude
1916: Weds Regina Doherty
1916: Anne Sullivan age 50 (sullchron)
1916: WW1 Soldiers die of Malaria
1917: Strongman, Booze Free, Marries Sweetheart
1917: Joseph E. Sullivan dies in the Diamond Mine
1918: Sullivan Disappears
1918: Boxes Tunney to Draw
1918: Suicide, Unsuccessful
1918: Louis Sullivan, Declining, Hires Salesman to Get Work
1918: John L Sullivan dies age 60 (sullchron)
1920: maurice o'Sullivan, 1904-1950 (sullchron)
1920: Nora Born
1922: Father graduates from English high (sullchron)
1923: Died in the gutter
1924: Mark 50 (sullchron)
1924: Louis Sullivan dies age 68 (sullchron)
1928: Invade the Bronx
1928: O'Sullivan from Bantry Bay
1930: Wallace Stevens, Sort of
1932: A Rueful Life
1935: Mary Barratt Sullivan age 50 (sullchron)
1936: Anne Sullivan Macy dies, age 70 (sullchron)
1936: Anna Sullivan organizes textile workers (sullchron)
1936: Maureen O'Sullivan in Tarzan (sullchron)
1938: Mary, Undercover Cop
1938: Death of JWN
1941: Pawns Army Buddy's Suit
1941: Pawns Army Buddy's Suit
1942: Five Sullivan Brothers
1942: The Seven Sullivans, War Heroes
1942: Harry Stack Sullivan age 50 (sullchron)
1944: Fred Allen, age 50 ()
1947: Alan Sullivan, canadian writer, died age 79 (sullchron)
1948: Wendell Jay Sullivan
1948: Hit By Car
1949: Harry Stack Sullivan dies age 47 (sullchron)
1949: Florence P. Sullivan Invades U.S.A
1950: From Poverty to Wealth
1953: Joe Sullivan declining (sullchron)
1953: Ellen Fitzgerald and Rich meehan die (sullchron)
1954: Four Harvard Sullivans Reach 50
1955: William (Sullivan) Meehan turns fifty (sullchron)
1956: Buried Alive in Poems
1958: Maureen O' Sullivan wins Vatican Award (sullchron)
1961: Maureen O'Sullivan turns 50 (sullchron)
1962: Mia's Mom, Divorce
1963: Wm Sullivan, asst to J Edgar Hoover (sullchron)
1965: We Are Not Alone-Popular science book by Walter Sullivan (sullchron)
1971: Death of Joe Sullivan, jazz pianist (sullchron)
1971: Fired by J. Edgar Hoover
1975: Attends Pompton Plains High
1977: Daniel Sullivan and Eugene O'Neill (sullchron)
1980: Goodbye to a Grand Irishman!
1986: Arizona Leader
1988: That evening I looked in my local telephone directory
1988: New World Meets Old World - and Flees
1989: Dies in Cabin
1991: An Infamous Sullivan
1991: Colleen: Suicide
1992: Bankruptcy Is His Game
1993: Ferriter's Cove
1993: Died in Chico California
1993: Cork
1995: The (un)happy home of my (un)happy ancestors
1996: Book of Sullivan/O'Sullivan
1996: Looking for lineage!?
1997: Coat of Arms
1997: The Sullivan Family is a Circle
1997: A Legendary O'Sullivan
1997: The Sullivan Family is a circle
1997: Proud or Not?
1998: Sadly Seeking Sullivans
1998: Song
1998: Grave Search
1998: O'Sullivan's - Pride in our History & Future!
1998: Family Reunion, Aussie style
1998: Sullivans: Extraordinary people!
1998: A tale of a boy and his dad in a cybercafe
1998: Happy St. Patrick's Day
1998: Sullivan Sucks
1998: O'Sullivan, Our Struggle
1998: John L III
1998: I've found O'Sullivan Beare!

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