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is a pilot algebra tutoring program that was run in the summer of 1996 in the Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Atherton area. The program continued a research effort begun at Stanford University in 1995 in which factors contributing to math success were identified by young college students who had achieved rewarding success in high school algebra. The three week program was offered to small groups of middle school and high school girls who are generally well motivated but having or expecting difficulty with algebra or otherwise looking for the increased performance that individual tutoring can provide. The focus was on general skill building and motivation that aimed to boost student performance in Algebra I and Algebra II during the school year.

provided an intensive motivation-building program including weekly experiences directed by an experienced practitioner, showing real application of math/agebra skills.

  • Our 96 experience plans included:
  • Daily tutoring sessions with a carefully matched college student instructor/mentor.
  • Diagnostic evaluation.
  • Individual counseling on school, curriculum, teacher, and study aid selection.
  • Follow up during the school year with supplementary tutoring where requested.

  • WHY:

    GIRLS TO THE FOURTH POWER is committed to overcoming the "math block" that is widely perceived to affect many girls. Our goals are to improve math skills and increase the self-esteem and self-confidence of young women.


    GIRLS TO THE FOURTH POWER approach featured:

  • Individualized assessment
  • Fostering close relationship with capable, trained, enthusiastic, college-age mentor/tutor who is committed to your daughter's success.
  • Challenging hands-on, group project work that builds esteem and matches your daughter's interests and emerging capabilities in such subjects as music, sports, nutrition, fashion, and building trades.
  • Outcome

    Many of the lessons learned in the program are being incorporated in a new program that will be offered in late 1997.

    Comparative Hourly Instructional Cost
    Private tutoring, high $40.00
    Tennis lessons, small group $15.00
    Private tutoring, low $15.00
    Stanford Continuing Studies, Adult Ed $13.50
    Guitar Lessons, group $11.65
    Tennis Camp ($600/wk, 60 hrs) $10.00
    Private school ($11,000/yr., 1200 hrs) $9.17
    Typical summer school ($650/5wks, 3 hrs/day) $8.65
    Science and Art, K-6 Summer Program $7.50
    Public School, California ($5500/yr, 1100 hrs) $5.00

    GIRLS TO THE FOURTH POWER; ;(415) 482-9906.