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Special Places:

  • Searsville Lake,from dam
  • Searsville Lake,with mudhens,in winter
  • Searsville Lake,south end,in winter
  • Dam bridge
  • Below dam
  • Railroad Bridge over San Francisquito Creek
  • Meeting of San Francisquito and Bear Creeks
  • View from Causeway bridge,in winter
  • Leonard's bridge
  • Heron,Great Blue
  • Black-tailed deer
  • Granary tree
  • Lace Lichen in an Oak
  • Dusky-footed Woodrat nest
  • Indian mortars
  • Ohlone Tule House by Laura Jones
  • Entrance to Rattlesnake Rock
  • Cave
  • Herbert J.Dengler trail
  • Inverted contact in roadcut
  • Hoover Tower from Grassland fire road
  • Linanthus & Goldfields from Grassland fire road
  • Escobar Trail and Fireroad
  • Escobar trail on a February morning
  • View at Goya gate
  • The Flora:

    Aquatic Plants

    Wildflowers/Herbaceous Perennials

    Shrubs,Groundcovers and Vines



    *Nonnative invader

    **CA native, but not indigenous to JRBP

    Go to Stanford's Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve

    California Native Plant Society