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Ming Luo (罗鸣)
Postdoctoral scholar
Mechanical Engineering Dept.
Stanford University
Building 560, Room 216
424 Panama Mall
Stanford CA 94305-2203
email :mingluoATstanford.edu


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Research Interest

My research interests in these areas: Soft robot, Snake robot, Origami robot, Robot control and planning, Haptic

Working Experiences


Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
Ph.D in Robotics Engineering 2017, Advisor: Dr. Cagdas D. Onal

Research: Soft, foldable and mobile robotics.Development of the soft and linear/rotational actuator, soft muscles and 3D soft manipulators. Modelling and control of the soft robotics system. Motion planning of the soft robotics system. Snake robot. Force and position control of the serial elastic joint. Origami robot. Haptic device

Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA, USA
M.S. in Computer Science. & Industrial Technology 2011, Advisor: Dr. S. Raj Pandian

Research: Vision-based navigation of an indoor mobile robot using road information segmentation.

Tian Jin Polytechnic University, China.
B.S. in Electronic and Information Engineering 2010


2019-10 Paper"3-DoF Wearable, Pneumatic Haptic Device to Deliver Normal, Shear, Vibration, and Torsion Feedback" was accepted by 2019 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC).

2019-03 Our Soft Bending Actuation Module with Proprioceptive Curvature Sensing project got honorable mention in 2018 Soft Robotics Competitions.

2019-02 Our Orisnake is featured in Robotic Snake Could Speed Search-and-Rescue Missions from IEEE Xplore.

2019-01 Paper "Design and Analysis of Pneumatic 2-DoF Soft Haptic Devices for Shear Display" was accepted by IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters.

2018-10 Paper “Reverse pneumatic artificial muscles (rPAMs): Modeling, integration, and control” was accepted by PLOS ONE.

2018-07 Paper “A Soft Robotic Wearable Wrist Device for Kinesthetic Haptic Feedback.” was accepted by Frontiers in Robotics and AI.

2018-02 I will be Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford University.

2018-01 Paper “OriSnake: Design, Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of a 3-D Origami Snake Robot” was accepted by IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters.

2018-01 Paper “Design, Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of a 3-D Soft Robotic Snake” was accepted by IEEE International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft) 2018.

2017-08 Paper “Design and Analysis of an Origami Continuum Manipulation Module with Torsional Strength” was accepted by IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), (2017).

2017-06 Our WPI SRS features in featured in “Snake on a plane! Don't panic, it's probably just a (soft) robot” from REUTERS.

2017-06 Received WPI Travel Funding.

2017-06 Our WPI TEAM salamander robot got the first place in ICRA 2017 soft robot speed challenge.

2017-04 Received ICRA 2017 Travel Funding.

2017-02 Paper “Adapting to Flexibility: Model Reference Adaptive Control of Soft Bending Actuators” was accepted by IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters and ICRA 2017.

2017-02 Paper "Towards Modular Soft Robotics: Proprioceptive Curvature Sensing and Sliding-Mode Control of Soft Bidirectional Bending Modules" accepted in Soft Robotics.

2016-01 Two papers "A Composite Soft Bending Actuation Module with Integrated Curvature Sensing" and "Motion Control of a Soft-Actuated Modular Manipulator" accepted in ICRA 2016.

2016-01 Paper "Slithering towards autonomy: a self-contained soft robotic snake platform with integrated curvature sensing" selected in the Highlight2015 paper list of Bioinspiration & Biomimetics.

2015-09 Our soft robotic snake made the cover of Bioinspiration & Biomimetics - Special issue on Bioinspired Soft Robotics.