Dr. Paul Mitiguy: Stanford Engineering

About the instructor:   From Milton MA, Paul did his undergraduate work at Tufts University and his graduate work (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford under Thomas Kane.

Paul worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, NASA Ames, and MSC.Software, and has been a consultant for biotechnology, energy, robotics, and mechanical/aerospace industries. He now develops open-source dynamics code for TRI (Toyota Research Institute).

At Stanford, Paul greatly enjoys teaching mechanics (physics, statics, dynamics, strength of materials), controls/vibrations, and advanced dynamics & simulation. He has written several books on dynamics and controls (adopted broadly by universities and professionals) that help train professional engineers, researchers, and students.

Paul has developed commercial and open-source force/motion software that has been translated into 11 languages and used by more than 12 million people worldwide.
  Interactive Physics   Working Model 2D/3D/4D  
  SimWise (MSC.visualNastran 4D)   NIH Simbody/OpenSim (Contributor)  
  Autolev/MotionGenesis   Drake (Toyota Research Institute)  

Paul has been a consulting editor for McGraw-Hill, a consultant for the NIH Simbios National Center for Biomedical Computation, consulting VP for Design Simulation Technology, and a motion consultant for software, biotechnology, energy, robotics, automotive, aerospace, and litigation companies. Paul enjoys programming in various languages (C++, Java, Fortran, MATLAB, etc).

He is deeply grateful to students, co-instructors/TAs, and staff.
Peace, love, F = ma

  Graduate dynamics (AA242A/ME331A)   Advanced Dynamics & Simulation (ME331B)  
  Dynamic Systems (ME161/ME261)   Undergraduate Dynamics (E15)  
  Undergraduate Statics (E14)   Consulting, Training, Textbooks  

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