Dr. Paul Mitiguy: Stanford Engineering

About the instructor:   From Milton MA and LaSalette, Paul did his undergraduate work at Tufts University and his mechanical engineering graduate work (Ph.D) at Stanford under Thomas Kane.

As a young adult, Paul worked summers landscaping, farming, and construction, then worked at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, NASA Ames, and MSC.Software, was a consulting editor for McGraw-Hill (mechanics), and has been a consultant for the software, robotics, biotechnology, energy, and mechanical/aerospace industries.

Early in his career, he developed force/motion software used by more than 12 million people worldwide and translated into 11 spoken languages. These software applications include Interactive Physics, Working Model 2D/3D, MSC.visualNastran 4D (now SimWise), NIH Simbody/OpenSim, and the symbolic manipulators Autolev/MotionGenesis.

Paul currently works on Drake, open-source software developed by TRI (Toyota Research Institute) to simulate robots and autonomous vehicles. In his role as Lead TRI/Stanford Liaison for SAIL (Toyota's Center for AI Research at Stanford), he facilitates collaboration with 19 projects having $20 million of funding between TRI and Stanford.

At Stanford, Paul greatly enjoys working with students and teaches mechanics (physics, statics/intro to solid mechanics, dynamics, strength of materials), controls/vibrations, and advanced dynamics & computation/simulation. He has written several books on dynamics, computation, and control (adopted broadly by universities and professionals).

Paul is highly appreciative of support from Stanford alumni/CEO Dave Baszucki who developed internationally acclaimed physics, engineering, and gaming/educational software, including Interactive Physics, Working Model, MSC.visualNastran, and Roblox.

He is deeply grateful to students, co-instructors (TAs), faculty, and staff.
Peace, love, F = ma

Software development
Interactive Physics
Working Model 2D/3D/4D
SimWise (MSC.visualNastran 4D)
NIH Simbody/OpenSim (contributor)
Drake (Toyota Research Institute)
Dynamics of Mechanical, Aerospace, and Biomechanical Systems
Advanced Dynamics and Motion Simulation
Control, Vibration, and Design of Dynamic Systems

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