Andrea Montanari


John D. and Sigrid Banks Professor
Department of Statistics
and Department of Mathematics
Stanford University


Sequoia 133, Stanford, CA 94304
Tel: (650) 736-7422

Some representative papers (last 5 years)

T. Misiakiewicz, A. Montanari, Six Lectures on Linearized Neural Networks, 2023

A. Montanari, E. Subag, Solving overparametrized systems of random equations: I. Model and algorithms for approximate solutions, 2023

A. El Alaoui, A. Montanari, M. Sellke, Sampling from the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Gibbs measure via algorithmic stochastic localization, 2022

S. Mei, T. Misiakiewicz, A. Montanari, Generalization error of random features and kernel methods: hypercontractivity and kernel matrix concentration, 2021

A Montanari, Y. Zhong The interpolation phase transition in neural networks: Memorization and generalization under lazy training, 2020

M. Celentano, A. Montanari, Y. Wei, The Lasso with general Gaussian designs with applications to hypothesis testing, 2020

S. Mei, A. Montanari, The generalization error of random features regression: Precise asymptotics and double descent curve, 2019

A. Montanari, Optimization of the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Hamiltonian, 2019

S. Mei, A. Montanari, P.-M. Nguyen, A Mean Field View of the Landscape of Two-Layers Neural Networks, 2018

A. Montanari, Mean field asymptotics in high-dimensional statistics: From exact results to efficient algorithms, International Congress of Mathematicians, 2018