The Ancestors of Thomas Gale Moore

On this page are a chart showing my father's (Charles Godwin Moore, Jr.'s (1897-1949) genealogy Moore's Ancestors Chart and my mother's (Olive Beatrice McLean's (1905-1979) Hill and Gale Ancestors. Ancestors, who are not certain but probable, are connected with dotted lines. Much of this material was taken from Cousin Sally's Web Page. She has an amazing amount of information on her ancestors. We shared a great-grandfather, John Wheeler Moore. My mother also did a lot of research and she provided almost all the material on her side of the family.

I am also preparing a family history. The following sections (In PDF format) are ready:

The Moore Family
The Gale Family

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DNA Results:

Oxford Ancestors has analyzed my mitochondrial DNA, which I inherited from my mother, and she from her mother back untold generations. On the basis of concentration of mDNA they have concluded that my female ancestors came from a woman they call Helena, 20,000 years ago. They describe her clan as follows:

Helenaís clan has grown to become th most widespread and successful of the Seven Daughters of Eve. Her children have reached every shore, settled every forest and crossed every mountain range. Helenaís descendants can be found from the Alps in the South to the Scottish Highlands and the Norwegian fjords in the North, and as far east as the Urals and thr Russian steppes.

Helena was born bout 20,000 years ago on the strip of land that joins France and Spain, near what is now Perpignan. She belonged to a family of hunters, who harvested the rich oyster beds in the lagoons of the Camargue to supplement their diet of meat. Helenís clan arrived in Europe from the Middle East, pushing their way along the Mediterranean, constrained to the narrow strip of land that was still habitable.

Not long after she was born, the glaciers that covered the Pyrenees, which Helena could see on a clear day only thirty miles from her camp, began to draw back as, little by little, the summers grew warmer. 

Grew warmer. Some of her clan moved south of the mountains, up the valley of the Ebro to the West to reach the lands of the Basque, where they remain to this day. The most adventurous of her children took advantage of the climatic improvements and journeyed ever northwards to join the great movement of hunters across the plains of France. We know that they reached England around 12,000 years ago because DNA recovered from a young male skeleton found in Goughís Cave in Somerset shows that he too belonged to the clan of Helena.

The DNA sequence and a chart on the ìSeven Daughters of Eveî, which is described in Byran Sykesís book by the same title, can be found at My mDNA. The golden star shows my female ancestorís position. At the bottom of the chart is the DNA sequenced with one letter on the bottom row, first group, different from that of the Helena mDNA.

Oxford Ancestors also reported on my Y-chromosome that comes from my father and his paternal ancestors. Any Mooreís who have similar Y-line would very likely be related with a common paternal ancestor. I would be delighted if anyone found a replica of this code. My digital Y-Line code is:

14 12 23 10 13 13 10 16 12 12

These numbers represent the number of repeats of DNA repeats for each of ten markers. If you have the same pattern, we very likely have a common ancestor. The Y-Line Signature chart is found at My Y-Line.

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